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Introducing ISAAC

Intelligent System for Advanced Acceleration and Control

It’s a revolution in intent-based network design. ISAAC is five components working seamlessly to manage network demands, making the internet not only faster, but smarter. Because the problem isn’t just that the internet is slow. The problem is that it’s slow AND stupid. Yes, traditional WAN Optimization improves the performance of the internet. No, it doesn’t make it responsive enough to address the challenges of interactivity with cloud-based applications. But ISAAC is an intelligent, comprehensive solution, delivering near-real-time response for blazing speed and a faster, more efficient, more user-based experience. ISAAC. It’s the Internet at the Speed of Intelligence.


Intelligent web requests combined with intelligent content delivery through a local CDN that result in an improved user experience. Read More >


Dynamic transport layer management, using the most appropriate transport mechanism for current network conditions and data being transferred. Read More >


Data and dialogue reduction through compression, application acceleration, and block-level deduplication.
Read More >


Smart packet prioritization and flow control, providing active TCP feedback on the local network to prevent bottlenecks from occurring. Read More >


Operational support system offering provisioning, network management, reporting, and remote access to AS clients. Read More >

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