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Acceleration Systems Launches Turnkey Solution to Address Worldwide Bandwidth Problems

Cleveland, Ohio, April 28, 2015–Acceleration Systems today announced the availability of a cost-effective bandwidth optimization solution that accelerates Internet performance while ensuring security and reliability – all at a fraction of the cost of older generation WAN optimization solutions that dominate the landscape today.

The SaaS subscription service enables businesses of every size, and especially those with remote or branch locations, to benefit from increased connection speeds, reduced data transfers and dynamic Quality of Service control that allow other cloud services (such as VoIP) to work the way they should.

“Traditional WAN optimization is dying,” said Michael Kister, Acceleration Systems president and chief executive officer. “Older approaches offered by providers such as Riverbed and Blue Coat are based on proprietary, point-to-point, high CapEx appliances that aren’t practical to deploy to small offices. And they only optimize a single resource – not the whole Internet. We’ve solved that with a service that’s easy to install, scale and manage. From DSL to satellite, we guarantee to make any link to the Internet perform better and faster.”

Acceleration Systems’ implementation relies on three components to optimize bandwidth: The Scalable Proxy Optimization Cloud (SPOC) for bandwidth optimization, the patent-pending Multi-Link Architecture to provide shared access to the acceleration engine, and the Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) to communicate user requests to the Multi-Link Architecture.

The RBA is a full feature router that resides at the edge of the user’s network. The RBA processes all outbound Internet requests (e.g. visit web page, download a file, check email, etc.) and re-directs the request to the company’s cloud-based Multi-Link Architecture for fulfillment. Data flow is coordinated between the SPOC and the RBA, providing acceleration between the end user and the Internet.

With its unique approach, Acceleration Systems enables thousands of businesses to share each SPOC compared to current WAN optimization solution providers who can only enable one business per engine.

“Our solution brings performance and cost savings throughout the value chain,” said Kister. If you can configure a LinkSys router, installing our RBA is even easier. We accelerate the entire Internet experience for users, not just one application server. It’s an affordable solution that’s secure, hashed, encrypted and proxied. This revolutionizes our industry.”

Acceleration Systems offers a competitor buyback program and a risk-free trial that enable users to experience the solution at one or several locations before deploying it throughout their network.


Established in 2013, Acceleration Systems has perfected its bandwidth optimization technologies and has performed successful trials of its service to customers in the oil and gas, broadcast media, disaster response, retail distribution, small business and health care industries. The company has raised $3 million in initial funding to launch its service with a focus on the underserved SMB market targeting rural businesses and Internet Service Providers, mid-sized enterprises and industries with priority optimization needs, such as hotels, rail, transportation, airlines and satellite operators.

The company’s interim Board of Directors is chaired by Warren V. “Pete” Musser, perhaps best known for his role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. where he facilitated the formation and success of many of today’s top Fortune companies, including QVC, Comcast, Novell, and more. Today, Musser continues to serve as Chairman Emeritus of Safeguard, and is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Musser Group, a financial consulting company. He also remains active on a number of corporate boards as a Director of Internet Capital Group, Inc., NutriSystem, Inc., InfoLogix, Inc., and Health Benefits Direct Corp.

Kister has twenty years of experience leading successful technology startups, both as stand-alone ventures and as new business units within established organizations. He has led four new business initiatives from conception to profitability: an Internet Service Provider, a web marketing/e-commerce company, and the e-commerce divisions of two different Fortune 1000 industrial distributors — Applied Industrial Technologies and Bowman Distribution.

In addition to its Cleveland headquarters, Acceleration Systems operates offices in Houston, Lexington, Ky., Miami, Philadelphia, Princeton, N.J., and Washington, D.C.