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Do something different with an internship at Acceleration Systems

Experience rewarding benefits with an internship with Acceleration SystemsAcceleration Systems is looking for students and graduates willing to become part of a fun, professional team, while seeking to expand their knowledge and professional development in an internship role. Take on a new challenge by learning how to work within the technology industry with cutting edge ideas.

Those participating in internships at Acceleration Systems really feel like a valuable part of a team that recognizes fresh and innovative ideas. Rather than feeling like just another intern at some company, you’ll become an integral part of a team of professionals working to provide the world with best bandwidth optimization solutions.

In an internship at Acceleration Systems, you will work side-by-side with industry experts and gain knowledgeable insight useful to almost any career. Learn how to work in a professional setting while getting hands-on experience with leading edge Internet technology. Explore the possibilities of bandwidth optimization technology and Acceleration Systems by joining our team through an internship that will build solid experience and boost your resume.

Step out of the comfort zone of classes and immerse yourself in the technology industry with an internship at Acceleration Systems. Have fun working with the enthusiastic Acceleration System team members and innovative technology. Chances are you’ll have a great time working and even learn some cool new stuff.


Be able to talk about cats. Why? Because 50% of our water-cooler conversations are about our crazy cats.


Must be enrolled in or recently graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program in entrepreneurship, technology, sales, marketing, management or related field. Let us know why you want to be here and what you hope to gain from the experience. We feel that is far more important that your studies to date.

Application Procedures

Complete the following steps to apply for an internship with Acceleration Systems:

  • Prepare a cover letter and resume.
  • Include a letter of reference or recommendation from a professor in your field of study.
  • Write a one-page summary describing why you want to intern at Acceleration Systems and what you hope you learn to gain during this time.

Please submit all documents to

Internship Experiences

Acceleration Systems Internship Program - JamiaJamia’s internship experience

“My internship at Acceleration Systems has been both interesting and amazing. You never know what the day will bring and you learn to adjust quickly to whatever is thrown your way. During my time here I’ve gained valuable hands-on experience in an up-and-coming start up.  I was lucky enough to work in a place where questions were both valued and encouraged, and mistakes were explained and worked through.

Working with people who are welcoming and fun to be around made my time here fly by and was by far the best part. Besides the hilarious and crazy cat (and occasionally dog) stories that were told, AS has been an invaluable experience and has shown me what working as a team can truly be like. This internship is one that will not soon be forgotten.”

Jamia Ray
Sophmore at Bowling Green State University

Internships at Acceleration Systems

Jason’s internship experience

“I was fortunate to be brought onto the AS team as an intern. The people and the culture of Acceleration Systems are amazing. I’ve not only learned a phenomenal amount, but I’ve also gained unique hands-on experience working with innovative, state-of-the-art technology.  A once in a lifetime experience!”

Jason Weible
Junior at The Ohio State University