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Acceleration Systems’ philosophy

Why a philosophy? Because Acceleration Systems is not just a product — it is a way of thinking that defines the way we approach our customers, our technology, our channel partners, vendors, providers and friends — and keep our commitments.

We’re aware that many companies propound lofty philosophies, and then fail to live by them. Just check out any Dilbert cartoon, and you’ll see what we mean. At Acceleration Systems, we’re different. These aren’t just platitudes. They are the lens through which we approach every new problem or new situation.

Take care of the customer.

They’re why we are here. We prosper when they prosper. We accelerate them. They expect us to anticipate their needs, be responsive and deliver the right answers before they even know there is a question.  That’s what we do to earn our customers’ trust and we equip our channel partners to do the same.

Personal responsibility. Group accountability.

If a problem, an opportunity, or a need is yours — own it.  That’s the initiative, ownership, team spirit we cultivate at Acceleration Systems.  We are responsible for ourselves and accountable to each other. We help those around us to deliver the very best.

Sense of urgency.

We’re Acceleration Systems after all.  We understand that you are doing business with us for one reason — to get things to go faster.  That’s not just reflected in our technology.  It’s what our people do. 

Honesty. It is what it is.

We’re the rare breed of technology partner who tells it like it is — so you know exactly how things work, what the limits of our technology are, and what we are doing to fix problems that arise so you get dependable service.  When you see things as they really are, you are empowered to spot the opportunities.

We do what it takes. We are “Open for Business.”

No one will ever out-work or out-hustle us. Our team is purpose-built to deliver the very best – quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re in Cleveland or Brisbane, we’ll walk a mile in your shoes. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

Be Bold. Be innovative. Be Practical.

Our engineers think outside of the proverbial box. We work with partners and resellers who deliver the best of the best: Technology that’s amazingly powerful, simple to use, and solid as a rock.

Do good and be good.

This single principle could stand in for all the others. Do right by our customers and partners. Build healthy relationships. Be responsible members of society. And of course, save cats and kittens.