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Social Responsibility

Acceleration Systems’ Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in doing good, whether in business, charity, social initiatives, and our own personal lives.  Do good and be good.

Doing good isn’t always easy, but we feel that’s absolutely necessary in order to become a positive force in this world.  Earning trust from our customers, partners, investors, and vendors is important, and incorporating socially responsible initiatives is a critical first step.

Our commitment to social responsibility is not just a load of BS. Giving back to the local community, as well as the global community, is a valuable part of the Acceleration Systems’ mission.

  • Saving cats and kittens. It’s a well-known fact that Al Gore invented the Internet as a way of easily sharing cat videos with friends. And it was our love of cat videos that inspired us to create a bandwidth optimization solution that makes the Internet run faster so that it can better deliver those cat videos. After all the decades of love and enjoyment all our feline friends have provided us, we know we have to give back to help those who are in unfortunate situations. Especially the cats waiting for adoption at In Good Health in Northfield Center, Ohio. They are so sweet.
  • We don’t believe in filling up the currently overflowing landfills with old technology. That’s why we’re happy to recycle all competitors’ hardware that has been displaced by our revolutionary new technology. We are in the business to speed up and optimize the Internet, not leave a larger carbon footprint. Besides, we wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that our junk was just piling up in a dump or landfill somewhere.
  • Acceleration Systems wants to help the next generation of techies and entrepreneurs with financial assistance for higher education for those interested in technology, engineering, and creating a brighter future for the global community.

We will donate a percentage of our time, products, and profits in order to achieve our social initiatives. Employees will also be given time off away from work in order to volunteer for a cause of their choice to help improve the communities where they work and live.

  • To help our furry friends out, we will donate time, resources, and money to both local and national feline organizations and causes.
  • In order to reduce the carbon footprint of Acceleration Systems’ and other bandwidth optimization companies, we will strike up partnerships with companies that specialize in recycling old technology with ethical and responsible methods.
  • Acceleration Systems is happy to provide a competitive scholarship program and an internship program that will allow the next generation to have the opportunity to study, learn, and grow with newer technologies.

Think your social cause or organization can benefit from our contributions, please take a moment to apply. We look forward to hearing from you and how we can help make a positive change in your local neighborhood or the greater good of the world.