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Big Box Retail

Bandwidth optimization for the retail industry

Customer Relations

Customer Engagement & Marketing

Retail stores can enhance a customer’s in-store experience by improving connectivity for personal mobile devices, ultimately translating in additional revenue. Providing steady connectivity with Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization services within a retail store will give retailers the opportunity to offer returning customers personalized marketing messages. Specific marketing messages can be targeted and delivered to consumers through shopping rewards or coupons on their mobile devices.

Additional Point of Sales Opportunities

Optimized bandwidth on any type of connection will allow customers to make purchases from their mobile device as well as the register. Providing customers the ability to shop the store online with Wi-Fi access allows most stores to offer more products online, driving up their bottom line. Enhanced connections also provide the stores to process sales from hand held mobile devices when lines at the register are too long.

Beat the competitors

Providing consumers with a high performing Wi-Fi connection will allow them to shop weekly specials and sales, find coupons, and compare prices with competitors. Customers accessing well-implemented and reliable Wi-Fi can lead them to make more informed and better decisions, translating to immediate buying decisions, thus giving your store the sale and leaving your competitors in the dust.


Monitored & Managed by Corporate

Internet connectivity is essential to modern management, but such a connection must be able to handle all the needs of the store and its headquarters. All aspects of a retail store’s operations are reported or updated electronically: pricing updates, electronic display, register activity for gross sales and inventory control, credit card processing, employee training, and email.

Sales associates and team members use the Internet to access time clocks, track shipments, and research product specifications for customers. All this management and monitoring requires a network that can successfully manage the traffic without overwhelming it. Acceleration Systems can not only accelerate the Internet, but we can mitigate the congestion and latency issues that retail stores so often experience that can slow down operations.

Training & Video Conferencing

Retail stores with locations and offices all over the world rely on communicating via video conferencing for many different reasons including training purposes, exchanging information and sharing the latest research. This demand on the network can be burdensome to most connectivity types that haven’t been optimized. Implementing Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions on your network will help increase speed of the Internet and bolster the overall performance of the connection allowing users a more pleasant experience. Connecting with store locations via video will also reduce the future costs currently spent on travel for in-person meetings.

Bandwidth Management

It’s not unusual for retail store locations to report that their current bandwidth allocation cannot meet their customers’ needs, as well as their own, due to the fact that their connection is slow and inadequate. As associates, management, staff, and customers all share the same connection, the store’s network capacity can easily be overwhelmed. In order to keep the network up and running and allow customers accessing the information they want, bandwidth management should be a key factor in improving connectivity and performance. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions have management tools that can effectively manage and control the use and the increasing demand for bandwidth. Our bandwidth optimization tools will help network administrators prioritize web traffic in order to help increase distribution of connectivity required for operation of the store, as well as catering to the needs of the money spending consumers.

Device Management and Real Time Information

Being able to collect and analyze real-time data is crucial to the management of not just sales and revenue, but also to manage the logistics of inventory, monitoring operation of store equipment, and operating business applications. Most of the information being sent and collected from retail stores is time-critical and can influence many important decisions made at the corporate level. Often retail locations encounter sluggish and uncertain response times when operating point-of-sale (POS) systems that rely on slower connections like satellite. In this instance bandwidth optimization solutions provided by Acceleration Systems would alleviate the impact of latency and slower connections.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.