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Coffee Shops

Bandwidth optimization for coffee shops

Being online at coffee shops has become as ubiquitous as hipsters wearing skinny jeans (no, we aren’t hatin’, we’re just jealous we can’t wear skinny jeans). Wi-Fi access inside coffee shops has become so commonplace that you expect to see people on their phones or with their laptops open when you enter a coffee house. Coffee drinkers use the Internet to read email, browse the web, watch videos, use social media, work or complete school work. The expectations of your java lovin’ customers are high and offering them a reliable and accelerated connection gives them more reasons to choose your business over the competing coffee shop across the street.

Customer Service

Customers expect all coffee houses – from national chains to independent locals – to offer Wi-Fi accessibility for those sipping on a house special latte. It is an expectation that owners and management should choose not to ignore. While the demand for Internet access inside coffee houses isn’t new, a continually growing number of consumers carrying mobile devices are looking to connect, which creates a larger and rapidly increasing demand for Wi-Fi and network performance. Customers not only want Wi-Fi available while having their coffee, they want a stable and high performing connection as well.

Mobile Technology

Coffee houses, like other types of dining establishments, have begun adding mobile devices to enhance customer service experiences, like customer loyalty reward programs, which has led to improved guest satisfaction. Enhancing existing connections can be achieved with our bandwidth optimization solutions that eliminate the need to purchase additional bandwidth, while providing accelerated Internet and more bandwidth needed for multiple devices and applications.


Coffee shops need a secure private network for business use. It is important to keep business transactions to a secure, encrypted network. You wouldn’t leave your bank statements and bean counting books lying around the shop, so don’t share your digital information either. Keep your business related content separate from your customers, while securing the data stream for both your business and your customers.


Like other businesses, many use their Internet connections to track employee time cards, transmit credit card transactions, control and order inventory, and communicate, both externally and internally. Larger coffee shops and chain operations can take advantage of their network by using video conferencing for meetings and training events to cut down on travel expenses. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization services can allow coffee shops to make better use of existing connections for increasing business operations without the expensive costs typically associated with upgrading bandwidth.


A large portion of coffee shop customers that are there during normal office business hours are there to work. Customers enjoy their hot coffee and a bite to eat while replying to business related emails or completing projects for work. Depending on the type of work the customer does, using any old Wi-Fi access point just will not do. Many are connecting to secure tunnels linking back to a local office, a main office, headquarters, or even a government office. Those who need this security know how important it is to access a connection that protects a virtual private network (VPN) from one location to another. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions allows a coffee shop to have a clear and separate tunnel for establishing a VPN connection. With an accelerated cloud-based VPN, the connection from the shop to customer’s office is an established and encrypted VPN connection that is providing security and privacy for all information being shared. While it sounds super tricky, those customers that need this kind of connection will appreciate the fact that you thought of them and can provide connectivity that suits their needs.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.