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Flex some Internet muscle

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions increase the performance and bandwidth capabilities enabling gyms and fitness clubs of all sizes to offer reliable Wi-Fi access to their members, while advancing operations within the business itself. To some it may sound crazy, but people who work out at the gym want to remain connected while they lift weights or run on the treadmill. There are many different reasons members want a stable Wi-Fi connection while at the gym, which includes updating and monitoring fitness apps, streaming music, checking in on social media, watching a video, and even checking email.

Benefits of optimizing bandwidth within a fitness center or gym

Increase additional revenue

Offering an optimized Wi-Fi solution within a fitness center presents the potential for generating additional revenue streams.  Wi-Fi accessibility to a captive and niche market will allow third parties to purchase advertising to find new customers.

Peak hours

Regular gym members know all too well that during peak hours gyms can be crowded and frustrating. Nothing kills a person’s motivation like waiting in line for a piece of equipment. Same goes for a reliable Internet connection. Having access to an underperforming Wi-Fi connection or an overwhelmed network only leaves users unhappy and creates discontent. Optimizing your existing bandwidth will allow members to gain access to the Internet easily without any delays or interruptions.

Getting social with members

Allowing members to access a Wi-Fi solution that is fast, secure and able to maintain multiple users at one time will increase the likelihood of interactions between members and the club’s social media platforms. Many gyms have experienced growth in social media followers and interaction after implementing stable and reliable Internet access for members.

Competitive Advantage

Acceleration Systems enables fitness centers and clubs, gyms, and recreational centers to offer an improved online experience for their members while creating an edge over the competition. Give your fitness club or gym a competitive advantage by offering your members not only Wi-Fi access, but a connection that will support whatever it is they do on their mobile devices while inside the gym. Improve the gym goer’s experience with our powerful and scalable bandwidth optimization service perfect for the fitness industry.

Members tracking their workouts

Mobile devices are more than just phones and calendars now and people can’t seem to put them down and as unreal as it sounds, these electronic devices have become part of our workout routines, and for good reason. Many who work out at gyms and fitness centers take advantage of helpful fitness apps to monitor and track their progress. Members who can access and update their fitness apps are more likely to feel better about their workouts and progress, resulting in better attendance at the gym and more paid memberships fees. Large portions of the population who use fitness apps claim to feel healthier and have increased their awareness about food and fitness. In fact, users of fitness apps feel that using their mobile device to track their fitness is more important than for uses typically associated with such devices like taking calls, messaging, and surprisingly even engaging in social media. These people are serious about their fitness, so don’t miss the opportunity to create loyal customers. Prioritize their need to connect and help create a personalized experience within your fitness center.


Providing your employees with better access to data over the network will not only increase their productivity, but also the member experience. Employees will be able to engage with customers maximizing revenue driving and improving customer service when using Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization technology.

Fitness Technology

New software and fitness technology inside the gym is great for members needing that additional push and bit motivation to continue on with their workout and goals. Members accessing such technology attached to fitness equipment are able to store and track workouts and set healthy goals to work towards. Other new fitness technologies also include benefits for fitness club operators and managers that allow remote management and monitoring of equipment, allowing their investments in quality equipment to last longer with regular maintenance updates. Routine updates and continuous use of newer fitness technology can successfully operate on a network that is optimized and accelerated by Acceleration Systems, and would increase the overall value of the gym or fitness center.

Pump up the Bandwidth, Not Your Costs

You’ve made the decision to accommodate gym members and operational needs of the center by upgrading the existing bandwidth. Unfortunately the cost of adding more bandwidth is extremely high and changing the current infrastructure isn’t an option. The cost of adding needed bandwidth to keep up with the increased number of members and operations use would be staggering. Thankfully Acceleration Systems has perfected new and affordable optimization techniques and technologies to provide solutions for bandwidth performance issues.  Let us prove it and pump up your connectivity.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.