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Internet Cafes

Optimizing and maximizing the lifeblood of your business

As the popularity and the necessity of access to the Internet continues to increase worldwide, Internet cafés continue grow in popularity. Internet cafés face the challenge of providing sufficient bandwidth and speed to support a range of users. An Internet café is a place where people have come to count on for reliable Internet access and have become essential for keeping people around the world connected.

Internet cafés play an important role for individuals and communities that don’t have reliable access at their fingertips. The role that Internet cafés play for people varies from person to person and country to country.

Access to the Internet provides many with new economic opportunities and the chance to create new ones for themselves.

  • The Internet has given many access for a global citizenship platform giving so many the chance to learn, collaborate, and participate in the modern democracy.
  • The opportunity for education and learning about whatever the heart desires.
  • During times of war or peace, communication is essential be it through email, messenger, VoIP, social media, video calls or forums.
  • Online shopping offers products and services to everyone, no longer restricted by the customer’s location.
  • Some access the Internet to simply be entertained, watching movies or shows, listening to music, playing games, or just surfing the net.


Whether located in a remote location and rural areas or inside a big city, Internet cafés have to make the best of their current bandwidth situation, which typically is a result of location and cost. Many locations may not have fiber or cable options available. The connection options that are available may not provide adequate performance and speed, such as DSL. The cost of other connections can be prohibitive leaving T1 and T3 connections unobtainable because of the expense. Operators of Internet cafés find that their best way to deal with insufficient bandwidth is by using optimization techniques to better manage bandwidth.

Bandwidth Management

Internet cafés struggle to keep up with providing sufficient speed to support many different types of users.  Email and web surfing are relatively easy to support, but bandwidth greedy social media sites with heavy use of photos and video sites, like YouTube, consume great amounts of bandwidth, especially with several users at the same time.

Users can easily bog down an Internet café’s network, leaving the operators attempting to manage the existing bandwidth. In order to keep data flowing and programs working, bandwidth management should be a key factor in improving connectivity and performance. Part of Accelerations Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions are the bandwidth management tools that can be used to effectively regulate bandwidth use by patrons. Installing our solutions will help operators prioritize web traffic in order to help increase network performance, accelerate Internet speeds, while efficiently balancing the bandwidth needs of users.

Improving Performance on all Connection Types

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.

Increased Number of Users

Internet cafés have peak usage periods when a flux of users inundate the network causing the operators to freak out and worry about overloading the network while user satisfaction declines due to poor performance. Many operators make the unappealing choice of choosing to allow the user experience to degrade over eating the high costs of upgrading their existing bandwidth. Fortunately for them, Internet café operators no longer has to choose between the lesser of two evils thanks to Acceleration Systems. Implementing our solutions will allow their network to carry more Internet café users and service more demands – all without expensive bandwidth upgrades and equipment.

Easy Deployment

We are betting that few Internet cafés are staffed with a team of IT gurus (or even someone’s pre-teen nephew for that matter) standing by waiting to help with new bandwidth optimization technology. While our technology is super cool and optimizes the Internet, we think the fast and easy setup is even more important. Acceleration Systems’ solution is quite simple and it does not require any technical training to implement it. Anyone can easily install the RBA and in a matter of minutes have optimized bandwidth.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.