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Truck Stops

Connecting at truck stops

Upgrading the truck driver’s experience

We know that drivers spend a some of their day at a truck stop resting and relaxing in between deliveries. During this down time, drivers usually take the opportunity to get online for entertainment purposes, surfing, social media, and connecting with loved ones. The problem is that the networks at the local truck stops can be less than desirable or simply just overloaded. If the lot is full of trucks, the access may be slow at best.

Implementing bandwidth optimization with a RBA at truck stops will greatly improve connectivity permitting drivers to connect online without the frustrations of overloaded truck stop networks. Bandwidth that has been optimized will improve speed, performance, and reliability for those traveling the country working from inside their truck cabs.  Offer your trucking customers more than just the opportunity to eat and rest, supply them reliable Wi-Fi and accelerated internet on a high performing network that has been optimized.

Mobile Technology

Enhancing existing connections can be achieved with our bandwidth optimization solutions that eliminate the need to purchase additional bandwidth, while providing accelerated Internet and more bandwidth needed for multiple applications and devices, such as phones, tablets and laptops.

Improving Performance on all Connection Types

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.

Reducing Costs of Existing Connections

Not only does our optimization technology work on all types of connections, but our solution can help reduce the amount that your current connection costs you.  Due to our optimization techniques we can actually reduce the amount of data being transmitted over costly network connections and save your business money. If your connection is a metered link, then the in-stream compression removes repetitive data from the network, minimizing the amount of data that is actually sent. Check out our ROI calculator to see for yourself.

Real-time Transactions

Some drivers  need to get into the truck stop and quickly back out on the road. It can be very frustrating waiting on a receipt that is delayed by the process of transmitting credit card information and waiting on approval from the bank. On a bandwidth connection that has been optimized your business can transmit and receive faster credit card authorizations allowing truck drivers to get on with their day.

Real-time Data and Monitoring

Newer remote safety monitoring technology allows truck stop operators and owners to gain up-to-date information crucial for ensuring the safety of the station when storing gas in tanks. Monitoring the current gas tank levels is key to keeping up with the customer’s demand at the pump – and is also key to running a successful business. Transmitting and receiving such vital information over a less than optimal connection can cost your business. By optimizing your bandwidth, the network is freed up from congestion and allows important information to flow efficiently and quickly over accelerated Internet. It’s your business, you decide. Not so real-time data over challenged and slower connections or actual real-time data over optimized bandwidth.

Simple Deployment

We know that it is hard to believe that such a revolutionary new bandwidth technology could be one of the easiest set-ups available on the market. Not everyone has a technology background and those lovable tech people are not always available to help implement new hardware and software, so that’s why we created a simple deployment model.

Spend Less on Costly Network Upgrades

Upgrading existing bandwidth can be done, if the opportunity to do so is available. However, sometimes throwing more bandwidth at your current network problem does not always resolve the issue. If adding more bandwidth is the option you are currently contemplating, get ready to open your wallet and spend a great deal doing so. Luckily for you, Acceleration Systems has created a bandwidth optimization service that can enhance the current performance and accelerate the speed of the Internet on any connection without the expensive price tag. Our technology is one of the best out there and unbelievably affordable. We want you to have high performing Internet and keep more in your bank. Give us the chance to show you how much we can save you while boosting your network performance. Contact us to try a free 14-day trial.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.