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competitor buyback

Buyback program

Acceleration Systems Competitor Buy-back Program for Bandwidth OptimizationSimplify your bandwidth optimization.  Ditch your complicated and expensive solution.

We can make breaking up with your previous bandwidth optimization provider easy. Really easy.

Acceleration Systems offers a credit towards our bandwidth optimizations products and services for 100% of what you paid for any and all competitors’ solutions and hardware. See, wasn’t that easy?

We welcome organizations to exchange their existing WAN appliances from competitive optimization solutions for a credit to be applied to future Acceleration Systems products and services. This Competitor Buyback program makes it easy for your organization to gain significant savings with our affordable solutions along with the flexibility, scalability, and the benefits of Acceleration Systems services.

We make leaving your complicated and expensive bandwidth optimization provider easy. Seriously.

Reasons to leave your old provider and switch to Acceleration Systems:

  • Traditional WAN Optimization is DyingNo expensive equipment and no buyer’s remorse
  • Credit offered for the paid amount of competitor’s equipment
  • Accelerates the entire Internet, not just a single resource
  • Easy setup, high-tech team not required
  • Only one device needed, leave the complication behind
  • Affordable for the small and mid-sized business
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Free trial, try it without catches and costs

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