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Humanitarian Groups

Bandwidth optimization for disaster relief and recovery efforts

Natural and man-made disasters can happen at any time around the globe.  In order to bring any type of relief to a disaster-stricken area, humanitarians communications over stable connections are a must.

Humanitarian relief organizations require full communication functionalities in order to coordinate any form of relief efforts. Obtaining stable communications can be complex if current infrastructures have been damaged. There are a few connection types available after a disaster strikes, such as satellite, which can be deployed quickly on short notice. Connectivity over extreme links is expensive and often suffer from high latencies, jitter, and packet loss. While it’s not perfect, it is something and countless lives depend on it.

Enter Acceleration Systems! Da-da-da-dahhhh! No, we aren’t superheroes, (we just play ones on TV), but we can help the real heroes quickly execute their disaster relief plans and efforts in a time of need. Acceleration Systems can effectively enhance the performance of humanitarian communications over any type of link, anywhere in the world. That sounds kind of superhero-y right?

So how can Acceleration Systems help out humanitarian relief organizations?

  • Improved performance of existing resources, such as hardware, without purchasing new expensive equipment.
  • Bandwidth consumption (metered satellite) driving costs down.
  • Available bandwidth is increased on current connections without paying for costly upgrades.
  • Easy installation and quick deployment.
  • Increased speed and accuracy of life-saving information between relief organizations, government agencies, and medical professionals.
  • Ability to share information with other rescue organizations and first responders through mobile technology.
  • Software and application performance is greatly enhanced.
  • Expanded opportunities to provide relief in more technology challenged and remote areas.
  • Reduced overall telecommunication costs.
  • Enhanced performance no matter the location.
  • Works on all connectivity types.

You were expecting another da-da-da-dahhhh or even a ta-da weren’t you?

So how is Acceleration Systems able to offer all these benefits?  Simple. We revolutionized bandwidth optimization technology and want to make it available to everyone that needs it. There’s no catch and it’s not expensive. We even offer a free trial for you to test out on your own equipment. That’s cool right? You must admit that’s kind of amazing and daring for a company to do, so maybe we are superheroes after all?  We’ll never tell.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.