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Bandwidth optimization for mobile claims centers

Natural disasters are absolutely devastating. Incredibly damaging weather events like floods, hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes happen all over the globe destroying everything in its path. Natural catastrophes destroy lives and uproot people from their homes in just a matter of minutes. Thankfully insurance catastrophe and disaster response teams quickly move in with their mobile response centers to help out victims with basic services like food and water, as well as processing insurance claims. These rolling high-tech customer support centers jump into motion and arrive in town within hours of a disaster in order to help get victims lives back in order.

Varying methods of connectivity are typically affected, often severed, after a natural disaster leaving victims without means of reliable communication. Internet connections and telephone lines can be damaged, impacting recovery efforts. Recreational vehicles and busses have been modified into mobile claims centers for insurance companies that are equipped with satellite based communications that enable claims teams to establish Internet, fax, and phone connections regardless of the conditions of the local area’s communication infrastructure. The ability to make these connections not only supports the insurance companies’ ability to effectively process claims and take care of business, but could also mean enabling an out-of-town loved one reconnecting with a disaster victim.

The latest technology on board a mobile response center can only help as much as the quality of the connection allows. Accessing a stable and reliable connection can enable claim adjusters to serve their customers efficiently and immediately. Acceleration Systems has a bandwidth optimization solution perfectly suited for mobile claim centers. Our product will give insurance companies the ability to process claims quickly, reducing the pain and loss due to a catastrophe, and provide customers with assurance and financial relief to weather the storm.

Increase Satellite Bandwidth and Reduce Associated Costs

Using satellite for communication purposes has the great advantage of being independent in areas where infrastructures mostly likely have been damaged as a result of a natural disaster. Mobile claim centers heavily rely on satellite because of availability just about everywhere on the surface of the earth.

While satellite offers global coverage, it is the most challenged of all communication links, and unfortunately, there are many downsides to relaying on satellite communications. As convenient as satellite accessibility is, it is also the most expensive solution on the market. Consuming large amounts of bandwidth over metered links, like satellite, can cause associated costs to quickly sky rocket out of control. Satellite communications systems also tend to have high latencies due to the long distances traveled between receivers. Additionally, some satellite implementations suffer from jitter and packet loss.

Acceleration Systems mitigates satellite’s speed, latency, jitter, and packet loss issues resulting in faster, more responsive connections, while reducing the amount of traffic traversing the space segment. Our technology includes several optimization techniques that reduce bandwidth consumption, allowing satellite users to save bandwidth.  These techniques increase the effective capacity of the connection by as much as 800% – and in some instances even more. Reducing the bandwidth consumption might be the difference between a functioning connection and a service that is too slow to meet the needs of a mobile response center, impairing the responsibilities of a claims team. Insurance companies will be able to transmit more data over optimized satellite connections for less money. Acceleration Systems can help you save money and increase the performance of the network and connected technology aboard mobile claim centers.

Security and Virtual Private Networks

Insurance companies operating remotely from mobile command centers must have the ability to access their secure and reliable virtual private network. Access to company owned private networks that connect claims services and recovery efforts back to headquarters is critical to all claims team members assisting customers and victims of natural disasters around the world.

Previous to Acceleration Systems’ revolutionary bandwidth optimization technology, there were numerous problems with VPNs over certain links, like satellite. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and latency issues over satellite often cause users difficulty accessing VPNs. Accessing a VPN over satellite can also be challenging due to the fact that TCP algorithms are not properly suited for latency and are not optimized by the VSAT. Encrypted data can’t be accelerated with VPNs over satellites either. Optimization over the link must be done first followed then by encryption. Additionally, optimization followed by encryption requires decryption/de-optimization (and the associated expense) at the final destination.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization technology offers a secured network that delivers the highest levels of security to protect your communications and does so at terrestrial-like speeds. We provide optimization to mobile command centers operating on satellite links, or any link for that matter, for the last-mile that boosts performance of the connection, while maintaining encryption and VPN back to the headquarters – without requiring de-optimization at either end.

Compatible with all technologies

Our bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.

Boosted Network Performance

On a network that has been optimized, software and application performance is increased dramatically. Users utilizing the most commonly used software platforms and applications encounter greater response times and become more efficient managing their time when working on optimized bandwidth.  This is incredibly important to claims teams working around the clock to help their customers get the assistance they need. Processing claims that include photographs of damage or property can generate large volumes of data being passed through the network. A faster and more efficient Internet and network translates into higher productivity for claims teams and quicker answers and results for victims of natural disaster.

Easy Deployment

Insurance claims teams are onsite to help customers recover from natural disasters, not to deploy new technology. Technology made to improve and remove difficulties from communications should not cause additional stress or tasks for claims team members while on the job. Deployment of other bandwidth technologies can be tricky and can take months to implement. Having access high performing optimized bandwidth no longer depends on the IT gurus. Sorry, IT people, it’s not you, it’s us. Don’t take it personally, we choose to create a simple product that everyone can use.

Acceleration Systems’ new optimization technology is super easy and can be adapted into any mobile response center easily. Anyone onsite assisting with disaster relief claims can easily install the RBA. In a matter of minutes, claims teams can have our optimized bandwidth technology up and running accessing more efficient communications.

Reducing the amount of equipment used aboard a mobile claim center is important due to the fact that space is limited.  Acceleration Systems offers a bandwidth optimization solution that has more benefits and better performance results than our competitors without all the bulky, space wasting equipment that others require. The RBA is small and easy to install anywhere. Don’t let its small size fool you. Our technology is the perfect product for on-the-go mobile response center already bursting with technology stored inside.

We can help you transform your mobile claim center operation to a more efficient and cost effective one. Contact us for a free trial to find out for yourself.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.