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Accelerating education

The foundation of any educational activity is information. The Internet has revolutionized classrooms around the world from kindergarten to college and university campuses. The demand for more bandwidth capacity is as insatiable as a future Noble Laureate’s quest to learn.

The bandwidth supplied at most educational institutions stands to serve students, administrators, and faculty. Each of these groups require a large chunk of bandwidth to support their own work and different applications used daily in order accomplish their goals.

Teaching with different multi-media tools, video conferences, virtual classrooms, video-on-demand, applications, and e-books all have the potential to enhance, motivate, and engage all in evolved. Unfortunately these visual media applications require high amounts of bandwidth, but research shows that bandwidth is still very low in many parts of the world. Poor network conditions negatively affect the delivery efficiency to users.

In the past, there were only a few expensive options available in order to keep up with the ever-growing demand for more bandwidth to assist with education: upgrade to bigger budget-busting circuits or apply costly hardware or software solutions that have a slow implementation time frame, both of which may or may not help the actual bandwidth problems at the institution. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions can help varying levels of education from homeschooling to K-12, and colleges and universities for both undergraduates and above. Our revolutionary technology is a budget friendly option for enhancing existing networks without changing infrastructure or adding bulky, complicated, and expensive hardware. Optimizing existing bandwidth will save money, accelerate Internet speeds, encrypt sensitive information, and reduce data consumption.