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College and University

Higher Education

Institutions of higher learning face the dual challenges of providing high speed service to classrooms and libraries while meeting the demands for faster service to resident dormitories.

Basic Necessity

Academic institutions are under enormous amounts of pressure to accommodate students and faculty with a reliable network and Internet connection. A reliable connection is no longer a bonus amenity that institutions can offer, instead it is a strategic resource and actually a basic necessity for students, faculty, and administrators.

Location, Location, Location

Educational institutions are looking to make the best of their bandwidth situations, but can only do so much based on their location. Whether in a remote area or just 30 miles from the big city, institutions like colleges and universities pay a premium price for bandwidth. Institutions that find themselves outside of heavily populated area can make the most of their existing infrastructures by using optimization techniques to better manage bandwidth.


Today’s students, both in the classroom and in online classes, use tools that rely on access to the network. Online portals are becoming standard for both traditional classroom courses and online classes and help to streamline the experience for both students and faculty. In order for a network to effectively and smoothly support educators and students with video classes and lectures, submission of homework, projects and papers, administration of online quizzes, tests and exams, communication, as well as collaborating with others, the connection should be optimized for maximum performance experience.


Connectivity within the residence halls is just as important as it is inside campus classrooms. The use of wireless devices like phones, laptops, and tablets continues to rise. These devices can be used for educational purposes as well as personal. Using such devices can suck up large amounts of bandwidth depending on the activity or application, even more so when students watch cat videos – I mean, who can resist cute cat videos?

Students rely on a functional and reliable network connection for so many uses. Social media is a part of daily life for most students and can use a lot of bandwidth with frequent use, sharing files and pictures, and streaming videos and music. The use of social media and recreational video streaming are major contributors to bottlenecks on campus. Poor network performance can negatively affect students when streaming a class lecture or a movie through their device.

The use of video calling and instant messaging is a popular way students use to communicate not only with their friends and family, but also school faculty. Communication apps can only work effectively if the bandwidth is available and a stable connection can be made. Optimizing current internet connections with Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions help stabilize the network and increase its performance for all users.

Software upgrades

When updates are released for popular products like Apple’s iPhone or Microsoft software, the updates can cause devastating effects on an institution’s network. Demands for new updates and new operating systems are simply too much for such networks. During peak hours productivity comes to a screeching halt because the network is overwhelmed by users all downloading the same bandwidth consuming software and updates. With so many requests for bandwidth on the network, students and faculty experience poor connectivity performance with crucial applications and tools needed for learning. Allowing our optimization solutions to better manage your existing bandwidth will reduce the number of downloads of the same software by caching it in the Remote Business Accelerator. Following attempts to download the software will be retrieved from the cache instead, saving the institution bandwidth.


Gone are the days when students were weighed down with heavy textbooks. More and more students are opting for the electronic textbooks that are a fraction of the cost of printed textbooks, but these books require a stable and reliable network in order to download the information. With our bandwidth optimization solutions in place, an electronic textbook could be downloaded once and then images and patterns of that book would be cached within the RBA. The subsequent students downloading that same book will quickly receive the book as the information was previously cached. Administrators using Acceleration Systems solutions to manage bandwidth can set access for eBooks and eliminate any previously related connectivity slowdowns that caused bottlenecks in the network.

Research & Faculty

Faculty sharing and demonstrating their research need and expect a seamless network connection. Researchers use teleconferences and streaming video conferences as a way to connect to others in their field to share and compare information. It is crucial that their network performance is top notch. Not only is the institution’s reputation online, but also those faculty members presenting their findings and work. The smallest hiccup could reflect poorly on the faculty and institution. Don’t let your organization’s bandwidth performance and network connections affect your academic institution’s reputation. Ensure that your faculty can present information easily and protect their reputations with our bandwidth optimization solutions.

Campus Wide Wi-Fi

Students and educators are using a mix of devices around the campus to connect to the internet. This number of devices will only continue to grow and increase the demand on network bandwidth and capacity. Internet connections are no longer just for the classrooms. Students, educators, parents, and even alumni access the internet from all over the campus. Bandwidth optimization would allow for the increasing number of users while increasing the performance of existing network performance.

Bandwidth Management

As students and faculty bog down the institution’s network, administrators are struggling to manage the existing bandwidth. In order to keep information flowing, bandwidth management should be a key factor in improving connectivity and performance. Bandwidth management tools can be implemented effectively with our bandwidth optimization solutions. Installing our solutions will help network administrators prioritize web traffic in order to help increase distribution of educational material, as well as personal recreational information.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.