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Improving access for K-12 education

Learning Tools

The Internet has changed the class room forever.  Students and teachers using more apps and web enabled learning aids presenting a challenge for the IT administrators everywhere.  While using apps and online tools are enriching and add value to K-12 education in and outside of the classroom, the demand for bandwidth to support these needs is growing and overwhelming existing networks. The laptops and tablets that have replaced books have exacerbated the network problems.  Bandwidth hungry Web 2.0 apps and tools can be accommodated on existing networks with our bandwidth optimization solutions.

Bandwidth Management Challenge

The current amount of bandwidth in most schools is limited, insufficient in meeting demands, and overwhelmed.  Current bandwidth capacity is typically running at maximum capacity. Most existing bandwidth within schools is often under-managed or not managed at all. By placing our Remote Business Accelerator in the network, schools will not only benefit from better management of bandwidth, but also accelerated Internet connections. Managing bandwidth and using our low cost solutions, schools can increase speed, bandwidth availability, and increase accessibility.

Classroom In The Cloud

There are many advantages to storing educational materials in the cloud and school systems would benefit greatly from doing so.

  • Devices like CDs and thumb drives are no longer necessary and educators don’t have to worry about devices breaking or information not downloading properly.
  • Cloud storage and access is very reliable and stable technology.
  • Files can easily be stored securely and safely when uploaded to the cloud.
  • No more paper!
  • Resources, assignments and even tests can be shared and accessed by teachers, students, and even parents when using smart devices.
  • Collaboration with other educators, administrators and even students becomes a breeze when files and projects are stored in the cloud.

Using Acceleration Systems services to optimize bandwidth will allow educators and students to reap the benefits of cloud computing without the latency obstacles and network speed issues.

Avoiding Costly Network Upgrades

The cost of bandwidth is extremely high and the expenses associated with expanding existing bandwidth capacity is severely limited due to technology, supplies, and most importantly finances. By implementing our low cost solution, schools can afford to upgrade their current bandwidth without the expensive costs normally associated with bandwidth optimization.

National Standard for Bandwidth (U.S.)

It has been recommended that a national U.S. standard for bandwidth be set for K-12. It has been stated that schools have 1 Gbps per 1000 students, faculty and staff. Then by the 2017-2018 school year, it is recommend that there is 10 Gpbs for LAN connections. The cost and effort to implement and manage such a large bandwidth connection would be nearly impossible for most educational institutions, especially schools that rely on government funding. Accelerations Systems can help increase the bandwidth simply with optimization solutions without lengthy implementation periods or expensive costs.

Rural School Locations

Rural schools serve a significant portion of the school-aged children. It is vital that schools acquire contemporary technology and stable connectivity. By optimizing current connections, rural schools provide the opportunity for students and teachers to connect with the rest of world.  Governments all over the world offer incentives to rural areas to increase educational opportunities and connectivity.

Rural schools have developed distance learning courses for students interested in taking specialty classes that were not previously offered due to limited budgets and staffing.  A large portion of rural schools are reported to have used some type of distance education at some point. Without bandwidth optimization, rural schools are left with outdated infrastructures and inadequate connectivity, reducing the opportunities for students to advance in areas like foreign language, algebra, composition, and history. Acceleration Systems can help schools in more rural areas by optimizing and accelerating their existing bandwidth connections to improve learning opportunities.

Extending The Classroom

As administrators, teachers, and students become more reliant on portable electronic devices for educational purposes, the potential to extend learning outside the classroom becomes possible and easy. Students are no longer stuck inside the classroom or the library, they can safely access the school’s network and learning applications anywhere within the school’s campus.  School districts in rural areas have extended the classroom to the school buses, where many students spend several hours a day going to and from school. These rolling classrooms allow students to transform previously wasted travel downtime to productive learning experiences. Extending learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom should include our optimization solutions to properly manage network and application performance, productivity, bandwidth usage, and the increased number of users.

Federal E-Rate Program (U.S.)

It is becoming easier for schools to obtain funding for badly needed infrastructure.  Schools that connect through Federal Communication Commission’s E-rate program would benefit greatly from Acceleration Systems products and services due to the low lost, minimal hardware, and easy setup.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.