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Flow more data over your Internet connection

Humans have harnessed the power of moving water for centuries. Water wheels, powered grain mills, and early manufacturing long before internal combustion engines or electric motors were invented. Hydroelectric power generation typically captures the potential energy of water held behind a dam. Controlled release of the water drives turbines, which turn generators that covert the mechanical energy of the water into electrical energy.

Hydroelectric is a renewable energy. It accounts for 20% of the world’s electricity and the majority of the power used for industry and domestic consumption in Norway, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Switzerland.

Compatible with all technologies

Our bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies. Cloud-based bandwidth optimization improves any connection, not just extreme services like satellite, cellular, or microwave. Our service substantially improves the speed of data transfers and the responsiveness of remote application running over DSL, T1/T3’s, even cable and fiber. Where there is nothing but slow and/or expensive options, bandwidth optimization can make an otherwise unusable connection a productive link to the outside world.

Bringing communications to the plant

Like most forms of renewable energy, hydroelectric plants and their attendant dams are located in natural settings away from populated areas. When possible, dams are located in gorges in order to minimize construction costs. Given that the ideal dam/power generation site is by definition located away from populated areas, existing communications to sites are limited or non-existent. Bringing fiber to sites is often prohibitively expensive. Even wireless technologies, such as microwave, can be difficult to provision due to the ruggedness of the terrain and the dependence of upon line of sight for microwave. Dam operators find themselves choosing between huge capital expenditures for fiber or getting by with cellular or satellite.

Bandwidth optimization from Acceleration Systems makes any connection more productive – especially extreme services such as cellular and satellite. Improving the effectiveness of the communications link increases productivity, improves employee morale, benefits safety, and in many cases lowers cost to serve.


We understand that there may not be a network engineer on site. That is why each Remote Business Accelerator, a small on-premise device about the size of a router, ships pre-configured. It’s so easy anyone can install our service – even the truck driver who delivers the unit to the site. Put us to the test with a free 14 day on-site trial.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.