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Bandwidth optimization for oil and gas industries

We realize that businesses in the gas and oil industry confront many challenges including global demand, economies, safety, regulations, and evolving business models. One problem we can help alleviate is working with challenging connectivity. Oil sites are typically located in remote areas far from high speed fiber and often outside the reach of cellular. Extreme technologies like satellite or fixed wireless become your only options. Given the cost and limitations, it’s critical to get the most from your available bandwidth in order to operate successfully.

Acceleration Systems will become a strategic partner and help shape the way the oil and gas industry does business. Our bandwidth optimization solution, perfect for the oil and gas industry, not only accelerates the Internet, encrypts data, and maximizes your available bandwidth, but we will help you improve your communications, reduce data usage, and lower your cost to serve. Our fully managed, cloud-based bandwidth optimization and encryption solution is designed for the energy sector.

Reduced Costs

The cost to run fiber or copper is prohibitive to business. The oil and gas industry has come to rely on extreme and costly connections such as satellite and fixed wireless, where available, due to the cost of implementing new or upgrading existing infrastructures. A limited number of options are available to those using satellite communications to increase bandwidth performance, pay for more costly bandwidth or use clunky, expensive optimization services. Optimizing bandwidth through Acceleration Systems’ solutions can reduce the use of available bandwidth, while maintaining the integrity of transmission quality while keep expenses to a minimum. Not only does our bandwidth optimization solution cost much less than competing services, but by reducing the amount of data used with a Remote Business Accelerator, you will also save additional money. We truly offer the only solution that will allow you to move more data and move it faster, all while saving money. Check out our ROI calculator and let us prove it to you.

Real-time Statistics

Deliver and receive real-time statistics and information to better inform decision makers, increase safety, and reduce down time. Using bandwidth optimization solutions in remote locations will allow experts to examine real-time data before drilling begins eliminating wasted resources and time on inferior sites. Our solutions also will improve equipment safety audit communications and response times to accidents.

Compatible with all technologies

Our bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.


Temporary offices rely on satellite, wireless, cellular or some other type of compromised link technology for connectivity. Such Internet services are typically metered or restricted in some fashion. By deploying our technology, we can help you transform your operation to a more efficient and cost effective one.


Living quarters for oil industry crew members have some type of Internet connectivity, be it challenged. Deploying a Remote Business Accelerator at one of these camps would pay for itself in only a few months (or less!) due to the reduction in metered usage. Call us for an ROI analysis. For many of our customers, the ROI of our deployment is literally less than 30 days. Even the most ardent bean counters can’t argue with that (and your sites get improved performance to boot)!

Easy Deployment

IT gurus aren’t always available to help assist with new technology, especially in remote sites, that’s why our fast and easy setup is perfect for the oil and gas sector. Our technology doesn’t require any special knowledge or months of training to implement. Anyone can deploy the RBA and in a matter of minutes have money saving optimized bandwidth technology up and running.  It’s easy, affordable, and perfect for any budget. See for yourself with a free 14 day on-site trial.


Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.