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Bandwidth optimization that will blow you away

Wind installations can be found in rural areas away from previously developed areas, where little to no communications infrastructures are in place. A limited number of communication networks may be available for wind power generation facilities and operators. There are typically few viable options available to increase connectivity performance or switch communication methods without high price tags attached.

Acceleration Systems can become a strategic partner and can improve business and operations for the wind energy industry. Our solutions not only improve communications, reduce data usage, and lower your cost to serve, but also accelerate the Internet and maximize your available bandwidth. Acceleration Systems’ fully managed, cloud-based bandwidth optimization solutions are designed with the wind energy sector in mind.

Real-time Statistics

Wind farms consist of turbines and control systems from varying vendors with different bandwidth communication mechanisms. It is essential for energy companies to have predictable and stable delivery in order to access real-time data. Such data impacts elements of research, development, construction, generation, sales, and engineering. Receiving this information from wind farms will allow companies to also make better determinations regarding equipment maintenance, monitoring, and production decisions. Acceleration Systems can ensure that information is delivered efficiently and predictably from wind generation models directly to the user’s desktop. Using bandwidth optimization solutions in remote locations will allow your experts to examine real-time data before, during, and after site construction begins eliminating wasted resources and time on inferior locations. Employing our bandwidth optimization solutions also will improve equipment safety communications and response times.

Operations & Maintenance

Wind turbines, towers, remote control stations, and offices count on satellite, wireless, cellular or some other type of challenged link for communication purposes. By deploying our technology, we can help you transform your operation to a more efficient and cost effective one. Benefits of bandwidth optimization include constant, real-time two-way communication between offices, remote control stations, and the field – which helps reduce operational costs. Improved overall operations including on-time transfer of technical issues and data for monitoring equipment, which can be identified by operators and dispatched for mechanical repairs ultimately translate into reduced down times.

Compatible with all technologies

Our bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.

Easy Deployment

Wind farms and turbines aren’t always in the easiest or most convenient locations making deployment of new technology a bit tricky. Our easy fast and easy setup is perfect for the wind energy industry. Acceleration Systems’ revolutionary bandwidth technology doesn’t require any training or months to implement. Employees of all levels can easily deploy our technology and have a money saving optimized bandwidth solution up and running in a matter of moments. It’s easy, affordable, and perfect for any budget. See for yourself with a free 14 day on-site trial.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.