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Optimizing government efficiently

The demand for more bandwidth affects government agencies at all levels including the military, emergency services, homeland security, and even parks and recreational services. Each of these different agencies use varying kinds of connections for many operations. The coordination of communication within these different levels of government affiliated agencies is crucial to not only their success, but the prosperity of a country as whole. Often times, government communication can be a matter of life or death.

Each type of government agency can reap benefits from implementing bandwidth optimization, however, many differing factors will determine that bandwidth optimization is the right solution for managing bandwidth connectivity. Each agency must consider the costs, deployment time, ease of use, security, better VoIP quality, improved performance, connection compatibility, and speed of a connection when looking to upgrade their current connectivity.

Government agencies have a limited number of options available in order to keep up with the demand for more bandwidth, depending on their connection type and budget. Some can upgrade to bigger budget-busting circuits and some may apply costly services that have slow deployment times, both of which may or may not help the actual bandwidth problems.  Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization technology can help all types of government agencies. Our revolutionary technology is a budget friendly option for enhancing the performance of existing network connections without changing infrastructure or adding bulky, complicated, and expensive equipment. Optimizing existing bandwidth with Acceleration Systems will not only save your agency’s budget, but we can accelerate Internet speeds, encrypt sensitive information, and reduce the overall data consumption.