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Bandwidth optimization for the military

The military has the most demanding requirements for communications of any agency, business, or operation in the world, and must manage several challenges imposed upon them that others don’t have to consider. The wide range of geographical locations and environments that different branches of military encounter only add to the constant challenges of modern communications. Defense communications are increasing and must meet the requirements needed to transmit data, voice, and video traffic over typically challenged links like satellite. These links must be reliable, secure, and provide a sufficient level of service in order to operate key applications like logistics services, teleconferencing, software distribution, and email. Various applications used by military agencies are often complicated and have great need for ample bandwidth, making it difficult to deliver critical data in an efficient and time-sensitive manner within military environments.

Overcoming Challenges

Satellite Challenges

There are many different types of operational and environmental circumstances and conditions that impact the effectiveness of network performance and availability of military satellite communications. Satellite connections often impede transmissions caused by unfavorable weather, atmospheric conditions, high latency, interference, unreliable speeds, packet loss, jitter, and inefficient protocols. Several of these adverse aspects diminish the usability and reliability or severely restrict the volume of traffic that is pushed over a satellite connection.

Satellite communications do provide some benefits that other links do not. Communication via satellite is available anywhere in the world including remote locations and is flexible allowing satellites to operate independently or as part of a network. That being said, there are many downsides to having to rely on satellite links. Typically satellite connections are the most expensive and most challenged in the market. Connection speeds tend to run at a slower rate than terrestrial connections. Lastly, extreme latency, high error rates, jitter, and packet loss are symptoms related to satellite connections.

This is where Acceleration Systems can help. Our bandwidth optimization solutions were created to combat the limitations of satellite connectivity, so believe us when we say, we can actually help and improve military communications. Bandwidth optimization can dramatically improve service and satellite connectivity for military agencies without the costs previously associated with similar solutions. Acceleration Systems offers a SaaS service model that delivers service at much faster rate. With our bandwidth optimization solutions, satellite connections can result in a raised capacity of circuits as we increase both upload and down performance resulting in data offloads as high as 95%.

Bandwidth Crunch

Just with any other industry or sector, it seems as if there is never enough bandwidth available to satisfy the increasing needs of voice and data communications. Bandwidth is limited and can be very expensive when leasing commercial bandwidth (especially in tactical environments) and is expected only to increase in price, and supply to become limited as commercial satellite vendors seek out more profitable opportunities in the private sector. Experts expect the military bandwidth crunch to worsen in the near feature as the number of remotely piloted aircraft deployed increases for security and surveillance purposes on the already near capacity networks.

Acceleration Systems’ new bandwidth optimization technology is different than others offered in the market. Our technology is different due to the unique combination of tools utilized in our product. This combination of optimization techniques result in an 800% increase in delivered bandwidth. The existing bandwidth availability can be increased as a result of reduced traffic over the link by as much as 75%. By now you must be asking yourself, “Well, why wouldn’t we optimize our existing challenged links instead of buying additional bandwidth that underperforms when it can’t offer what our current bandwidth has the potential to provide if optimized by Acceleration Systems?”  Good question. We were wondering the same thing.

VoIP Communications

Worldwide military agencies are making the switch to VoIP technology from previous telephony infrastructures. Reasons for the upgrade include reducing operational expenses, quicker delivery, consolidated network for both voice and data, easy deployment, and transmitting over stronger networks.

The military has also turned to VoIP technology to also connect their Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks. Presently, LMR technology is constrained to the geographical locations of the location of the equipment itself, resulting in costly investments in equipment located everywhere. Military agencies connecting their existing LMR technology to an IP network will grant personnel to connect through the IP network to connect to any LMR network, saving money that would have been previously allocated to additional LMR equipment.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions can not only increase the performance of the network for service like VoIP, but we can increase the bandwidth for calls by offloading as much as 90% of network traffic. Acceleration Systems’ technology employs a dynamic QoS that optimizes call quality across highly contended connections with wavering uplink speeds. While our QoS is especially beneficial on extreme links like satellite or wireless, all VoIP calls will benefit regardless of the type connection.

No More Bulky Equipment

Finding a way to reduce the amount of equipment used and deployed to personnel in the field is important for operational and budgetary reasons. The more cumbersome the equipment, the bigger the price tag. Having to deliver heavy and burdensome equipment to various military sites, including remote locations, is extremely time-consuming and terribly expensive. In order to continue using current equipment and resources in a more productive manner, military agencies are looking to discover new ways to optimize and transfer additional data through their challenged networks, all while lowering costs and reducing the amount of equipment needed.

The search is now over. Acceleration Systems has just what military agencies from around the world need. Weighing in at a svelte 2.64 pounds (1.2 kilograms), the Remote Business Accelerator can be easily transported anywhere. And with dimensions of 10.55 X 1.57 X 5.70 inches (268 X 40 X 145 millimeters), this lil’ guy can be easily stored anywhere, making it practical and light weight. Don’t let the size fool you, our RBA packs a mean punch and can get the job done.

Reduce Deployment Times

The type of technology an agency employs possess a great influential impact on any military operation or armed conflict. Implementing any new type of technology can be timely, costly, and frustrating. When engaged in conflict, agencies rarely have the opportunity to implement new technologies that may tip the advantage to their favor due to deployment schedules. More often than not, military operations typically don’t have the luxury of experimenting with or deploying new complicated communication technologies needed to suit their strategic needs due to lengthy implementation schedules.

Military communications are critical to the success of any operation or mission. When seconds and minutes matter, having the right technology in place can impact crucial decision making processes. Military personnel’s valuable time should be spent on important duties and obligations rather than trying to implement complicated technology. Acceleration Systems can improve the communications of military agencies anywhere on any link in minutes. Yes, minutes. Our bandwidth optimization technology can be easily deployed by anyone, anywhere, increasing the performance of any connection type. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions is easily deployed with a fast and easy setup. You’ll be impressed by just how simple the deployment of our bandwidth optimization technology really is.

Bandwidth Management

Applications, software, and VoIP traffic all compete for same bandwidth within a network, leaving administrators scratching their heads as they struggle to supervise the current bandwidth. Bandwidth management techniques and strategies are key to improving connectivity and performance. We provide network administrators the tools and reporting capabilities to effectively manage bandwidth usage. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions will help network administrators prioritize web traffic in order to help increase performance, acceleration, and reduce data consumption.

Security and Virtual Private Networks

Securing classified information is one of the principal concerns regarding military communications. Military agencies require access to their secure and reliable virtual private networks (VPN). Access to government owned private networks that bridge military leaders with government officials and other branches of service is crucial to transferring essential data for critical missions in their country and around the world. When upgrading or implementing any type of add-on service to military communication services, all interfaces, including VPNs, should be tightly secured, keeping unauthorized users away from classified data.

VPNs were previously plagued with numerous problems over satellite links. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and latency issues left those accessing VPNs over extreme connections like satellite, with less than desirable results. TCP algorithms are not properly suited for latency produced by the satellite link and are not optimized by the VSAT. VPNs obtained over satellite also cannot be accelerated once the data has been encrypted, meaning that encryption can only happened after the link has been optimized. Finally, encryption preceding optimization requires decryption/de-optimization (and the associated expense) at the final destination.

Acceleration Systems’ revolutionary new bandwidth optimization technology provides optimization on challenged links like satellite for the last-mile. Optimized bandwidth boosts performance of the connection, while maintaining encryption and VPN back to the agency offices or in the field – without requiring de-optimization at either end. It sounds tricky, and believe us when we say that it is, but our R & D folks have figured it all out.

Compatible with all connection types

Using some type of connection other than satellite? While our bandwidth optimization technology works wonderfully on satellite, you will be happy to know that it works just as splendidly on all other types of connections as well.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.