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Public Libraries

Check out bandwidth optimization for public libraries

Public libraries play an important role within society and ensuring the optimization of bandwidth in libraries will help secure vital library services in the future. Internet access within libraries in the past was typically used to search, find, and retrieve information. Today’s average library patron uses the library’s connectivity to access social media, stream music and videos, and surf the Internet. Nearly all public libraries in the United States provide free public Internet and Wi-Fi access. The demand for the use of library Internet access has rapidly increased over the last several years and the need for Wi-Fi has dramatically increased with the growing use of smart phones and tablets.

Library locations

Public libraries are located in remote and rural locations as well as urban areas. Rural facilities are looking to make the best of their bandwidth situations, but can only do so much based on their location. Whether in a remote area or just 30 miles from the big city, and most pay a premium price for bandwidth. Libraries that find themselves outside of heavily populated areas can make the most of their existing infrastructures by using optimization techniques to better manage bandwidth.

Bandwidth Management

Many libraries report that their current bandwidth allocation cannot meet their patrons’ needs and that their connection is too slow and inadequate.  As staff and public workstations, Wi-Fi access, and VoIP services all share the same connection, the network’s capacity can easily be overwhelmed. It is important for library administrators to manage the existing bandwidth. In order to keep libraries up and running and patrons accessing the data they need, bandwidth management should be a key factor in improving connectivity and performance. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions provides management tools that can be implemented effectively to help control the increasing demand for bandwidth. Installing our solutions will help network administrators prioritize web traffic in order to help increase distribution of connectivity required for operation of the library, as well as educational and personal recreational information for patrons.

Avoiding Costly Network Upgrades

The cost of bandwidth is extremely high and the expenses associated with expanding existing bandwidth capacity is severely limited due to technology, supplies, and most importantly finances. Large library systems have upgraded their bandwidth in the past, only to find that it was sufficient for only a couple of years and couldn’t match the increase of public and staff computing services.  Other libraries are regularly doubling their bandwidth every two to three years to keep up with the need. The cost of managing bandwidth supply and demand this way could cripple most public libraries. Such drastic measures are extravagant and costly. If upgrading the bandwidth isn’t a viable and economical option, implementing Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions can offer increased performance results on the existing connection without all the expensive costs normally associated with other bandwidth optimization services.


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