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Bandwidth optimization for healthcare

A large sector of the business world can be found in healthcare industry managing patients, records, hospitalizations, prescriptions, and data. The healthcare industry, in conjunction with hospitals, doctors, the emerging field of telehealth, and with the recent adoption of electronic medical records (EMR), is facing new dilemmas in order to stay current with modern business practices and newer healthcare regulations. To make a challenging situation even more difficult, analyzing and determining the best way to manage existing networks to accommodate new health industry regulations can be overwhelming. IT Professionals have determined that bandwidth optimization will be a fundamental step in streamlining the healthcare industry and the advances in the technology that medical staff use to better treat patients.

Providing the best care for patients while reducing their cost to serve and operating successfully should include bandwidth optimization.  Hospitals, doctors, telehealth workers, and others associated with healthcare can benefit from bandwidth optimization just as much as any other industry, it may become absolutely necessary to incorporate it into their networks to adjust to new healthcare technology, regulations, and policies.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions can help all medical staff and businesses associated with the healthcare industry improve overall network performance, accelerate Internet speeds, and improve software and application efficiency. Our bandwidth optimization technology will also help secure information within EMRs and increase the speed of various types of file transfers between locations. Lastly, we can help hospitals and other related businesses reduce their bandwidth costs by optimizing current connections. Optimization will help the healthcare industry avoid costly network upgrades or having to purchase additional bandwidth to keep up with the demands. Optimization of bandwidth may mean saving millions in costly network upgrades or purchases of additional bandwidth in order to keep up. Acceleration Systems can assist your healthcare related business save money, reduce costs, and become more efficient while adhering to newer regulations.