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Electronic Medical Records

Bandwidth optimization for electronic medical records

The need for health care facilities to keep up with newer, more modern technologies has never been as immediate as it is now with the introduction of electronic medical records (EMR). The advent of the EMR has changed the healthcare industry and promises to streamline delivery of healthcare – saving money and lives. With the move to a more modern approach of storing data, the importance of managing bandwidth and monitoring data flow over the network has grown by leaps and bounds.

The lifeline of the EMR is the Internet. Moving EMRs through poor, overwhelmed, or unstable connections can diminish the benefits of EMRs to medical practitioners and their patients. In most cases, EMRs are stored offsite, in secure data centers. Accessing and downloading EMRs requires fast, dependable Internet access to keep operations moving smoothly and minimizing delays for patients.

Traffic Monitoring and Bandwidth Management

Understanding how EMRs travel over the network will be necessary for healthcare IT professionals to manage existing bandwidth and network capabilities under tight budgets. Monitoring how different software, applications, and VoIP traffic all contest for same limited amount bandwidth within a network, help administrators to better understand the connectivity requirements of their users. Monitoring the network’s flow is necessary for alleviating potential bottlenecks and congestion.

Adopting and implementing key bandwidth management techniques and strategies are essential to help transmitting and receiving EMRs as these types of data files require a large amount bandwidth to retain an adequate level for efficient speed and accuracy. We provide hospital network administrators the tools and reporting capabilities to effectively oversee bandwidth usage. Using our bandwidth management solutions, administrators will be able to accurately allocate available bandwidth in order to accommodate the need required for EMRs. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions will help network administrators prioritize web traffic in order to help increase the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of EMRs, as well as accelerating the speed of the Internet, improve performance, and reduce overall data consumption.

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