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Bandwidth optimization for hospitals

Just as blood flows through the veins of a patient, information about that patient flows across the Internet to and from hospitals for members of medical staff, office administrators, and insurance companies. Up to the minute information can be crucial and lifesaving. And similar to other industries and corporations, hospitals are up against many new technological challenges, the biggest being how to do more securely and reliably on a smaller budget with less resources. Many hospitals are faced with growing traffic congestion and bottlenecks caused by EMRs, VoIP traffic, and medical imaging applications that put their network to the challenge daily. The implementation of optimized bandwidth in hospitals can have an impressive effect on its ability to offer quality care to patients.

Bandwidth Management

During times when budgets are restricted, healthcare IT professionals are forced to maximize existing assets and manage more with less. Applications, software, file transfers, and VoIP traffic all compete for same limited amount bandwidth within a network, leaving administrators questioning how to handle the demands of the current bandwidth.

Adopting and implementing key bandwidth management techniques and strategies are essential to improving performance of the hospital network. We provide hospital network administrators the tools and reporting capabilities to effectively oversee bandwidth usage. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization services will help hospital network administrators prioritize web traffic in order to help increase acceleration of the Internet, improve performance, and reduce overall data consumption.

Medical Imaging

Medical images place some of the largest demands on a network’s connectivity due to the type and size of digital files. Viewing such an image can diminish the responsiveness of the network if not zoomed into the appropriate level. Uploading medical images like x-rays or CT scans are bandwidth-greedy and can really overwhelm even the largest networks if not managed properly. It’s easy for information collected and viewed for one patient to eat up upwards of a gigabit of data. And that’s just one patient! Several doctors accessing medical images and files at the same time would easily bring the speediest of networks to a screeching halt. Doctors and medical staff need to be able to quickly access data without waiting or affecting the network. Sending a medical image to a medical professional to examine quickly can mean starting a life-saving operation sooner and avoiding the risk of delaying a surgery. Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization can increase the performance of any existing connection, accelerate the speed of the Internet, while reducing the data consumption, allowing medical staff to easily and quickly access medical images the second they need them.

VoIP Communications

Healthcare systems with multiple offices, hospitals, and medical facilities rely on communicating through phones that are VoIP based to help reduce expenses typically associated with traditional phone systems. Medical centers that utilize VoIP technology also benefit from video conferencing which can be utilized for training, sharing research and communicating with colleagues. Unfortunately, VoIP technology places a large demand on the network and can be overwhelming for most networks that haven’t been optimized.

Connecting with medical professionals via video will also reduce the future costs currently spent on travel for in-person meetings. Implementing Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization on your network will help increase speed of the Internet and bolster the overall performance of the connection allowing medical staff and administrators a more pleasant and reliable experience on and off the phone.

Real-time Data

Doctors, medical staff, insurance companies, and patients all depend on real-time data. Any delay in response times can decrease the efficiency of services provided by the healthcare industry and negatively affect both the patient and the medical facilities. Transmitting and receiving real-time data can be the difference in receiving more specific medical diagnoses, admission to medical facilities, and receiving pain-relieving medications. Hospital networks handle large amounts of data flowing in and out, occasionally getting stuck in bottlenecks and congested pipelines. Improve patient care and satisfaction by increasing the efficiency of not only your medical facilities, but your medical staff and communications by allowing real-time data to flow quickly and reliably on connections that have been optimized by Acceleration Systems.

Boosted Network Performance

Medical staff and administration members expect a high-performing network that doesn’t hamper the tasks needed to successfully treat patients. On a network that has been optimized, software and application performance is increased dramatically. Medical staff utilizing the most commonly used software platforms and applications experience greater response times and become more efficient managing their time when working on optimized bandwidth. Staff can expect network performance enhanced by as much as 800%.


Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.