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Bandwidth optimization for telemedicine

Telemedicine is transforming medical practices around the world at much faster pace than anyone expected. The ability to engage s medical expert or specialist one-on-one with a patient in distant town – or anywhere in the world – makes it possible to diagnose and treat patients who could otherwise have never be seen by a specialist or receive the treatment they need.

Telehealth applications include VoIP, streaming video software, and remote sensor monitoring technology that allow a doctor and patient to interact without being in each other’s presence. This video conferencing technology is bandwidth intensive – the higher the resolution of the video, the better the ability to recognize subtleties in the condition manifested by the patient. However, higher resolution unfortunately requires more bandwidth, which can be an issue for both users on either end of the telehealth service. This is a problem that affects those in rural areas and under developed countries that only have access to under-performing bandwidth connections. Telehealth can also strain even hospitals and medical facilities that have access to better connectivity due to the amount of bandwidth used to provide telehealth services.

Both patients and medical professionals participating in telehealth services can greatly benefit from bandwidth optimization technology from Acceleration Systems. The quality of services and care provided in a telehealth environment ultimately relies on the performance of the network and its capabilities. Applications used in telehealth are highly sensitive to delays, requiring priority on the high quality bandwidth.

Boosted Network Performance

On a network that has been optimized, software and application performance is increased dramatically. Users utilizing the most commonly used software platforms and applications encounter greater response times and become more efficient managing their time when working on optimized bandwidth experiencing enhanced performance as much as 800%.

VoIP Communications

Telemedicine relies heavily on technology that connects the patient in one location with a medical professional in a different location, possibly half way around the world. This new type of healthcare relies heavily on communications through phones that are VoIP based. VoIP phone systems help reduce expenses typically associated with traditional phone systems. Unfortunately, VoIP technology places a large demand on the network and can be overwhelming for most networks that have not been optimized.

Connecting medical professionals to patients via various telehealth applications have many benefits. Costs currently spent on travel for in-person meetings are greatly reduced, the number of patients that can be treated is increased, and the quality of care of those who previously had little to no care due to their location is dramatically improved. In order for anyone to experience these benefits of telehealth, the quality of the connection should be a high priority. Adding Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions onto your network will help increase speed of the Internet and strengthen the overall performance of the connection, giving patients and medical professionals a more effective and efficient telehealth experience.

Compatible with all technologies

Our bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.


Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.