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Federal Health Agencies

Bandwidth optimization for federal health services

Government agencies and departments related to healthcare services are looking to improve their service to their patrons by managing their technology in a more effective manner. Such departments oversee the health and care of millions of citizens that receive care provided by the Veterans Health Administration for military branches, active members, veterans, and their families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, TRICARE and the Indian Health Service. These federal agencies and associated organizations operate on tight budgets, leading these institutions to seek better ways to provide care for patients while reducing costs.

The quality of healthcare service provided for these patients ultimately relies on the performance and network capabilities of the agencies. It sounds hard to believe, but the level of service and the care a patient receives can be challenged by the lack of a high performing network. Federal healthcare agencies must have dependable, high functioning networks in order to provide the care needed for a vast spectrum of medical needs for patients located all over the globe. Federal healthcare services and agencies have learned that managing their connectivity with bandwidth optimization improves the communication between doctors, hospitals, patients, and the agencies themselves. It has been found that bandwidth optimization does actually have a positive effect on patient healthcare and has quickly been incorporated into strategic plans in to increase efficient services and reduce costs.

So how can bandwidth optimization help federal health service agencies? Good question, let’s look at just a few of the benefits.

  • Improved existing resources, such as hardware, without updating outdated equipment.
  • File transfers are greatly improved both in time and bandwidth utilization.
  • Performance on various software and applications is greatly enhanced.
  • Available bandwidth is increased on current connections without paying for costly upgrades.
  • Bandwidth consumption is reduced driving costs down.
  • Easy installation and quick deployment.
  • Increased transfer of vital information between organizations and doctors.
  • Ability to share information with providers through mobile technology.
  • Security of transmitting sensitive information and EMRs.
  • Low cost SaaS model that doesn’t break the budget.
  • Opportunities to provide care through telemedicine increased.
  • Administrative channels and processes improved and more efficient.
  • Compliance with changing technology standards.
  • Reduced overall telecommunication costs.
  • Improved backup times.
  • Enhanced performance no matter the location.
  • Works on all connectivity types.

Boosted Network Performance

On a network that has been optimized, software and application performance is increased dramatically. Users utilizing the most commonly used software platforms and applications encounter greater response times and become more efficient managing their time when working on optimized bandwidth experiencing enhanced performance as much as 800%.

Avoiding Costly Upgrades

Previously there were only a few costly options available to resolve the growing issue of bandwidth shortages, overwhelmed networks, and acceleration issues. You could purchase additional bandwidth, spend $100k+ on other optimization services, or completely overhaul the current infrastructure, all which are typically accompanied by extremely high price tags. Federal healthcare agencies can now save millions of dollars by incorporating Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization solutions that resolve many network related issues including speed, security, and performance.


Healthcare providers are located in all types of geographic locations, some in rural locations, as well as urban areas, and are connecting with several data centers hundreds of miles away. Rural facilities are looking to make the best of their bandwidth situations in order to help increase patient satisfaction and application performance. Agencies, offices, and data centers that are located outside of heavily populated areas are subject to lower grades and underperforming bandwidth that hinder their success. Federal healthcare agencies and providers have the opportunity to make the most of their existing connection types by using Acceleration Systems’ optimization technologies to better manage their bandwidth.  Those that do will benefit from features such as accelerated Internet speeds and enhanced application performance.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.