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Upgrading The Passenger Experience

Acceleration Systems provides Cruises with Bandwidth OptimizationConsumer Demands

Just like other travel industry consumers, cruise line guests’ demand for Internet connections has spiked. Passengers may be on vacation, but they want to continue to connect to email, social media, and message services exactly like they would during a land vacation. Cruise line passengers will happily pay for connectivity if it works and works well. Keep your sea-faring guests happy with reliable and affordable optimized Internet with Acceleration Systems.

Online At Sea

Guest experiences on cruise line Internet connections are slowly improving, but still maddeningly slow and too unreliable causing frustration for far too many users. Improved Internet connections translate to improved guest satisfaction, repeat business, thus increasing customer revenue. Acceleration Systems is way better than Riverbed, and easier to deploy. We beat them head-to-head in cruise line applications.

Passing On The Savings

Typical connectivity costs and upgrades are passed on to the passenger, but with the low costs of our bandwidth solutions, cruise lines can afford to improve connections without necessarily passing on additional charges on to passengers.

Upgrading Administrative And Operational Functions

Paperless Operations

As more cruise ships shift to paperless bridge operations, the need to move more data efficiently has become priority. Navigation is no longer done with paper charts, but instead done with computers. It will be necessary to optimize existing connections in order to accommodate the increased traffic on the network and this can be done with our bandwidth optimization solutions.

Guest Document Management Solutions

New technology allowing cruise lines to capture guests’ registration cards, receipts, waivers, medical information, and track registration of guest activities allows for paperless solutions and more efficient operations. Such applications run off both wired and wireless devices relying on some type of connection to transfer information back and forth. With the use of bandwidth optimization, applications could become more efficient and reliable.

Reducing Costs

Cruise line connectivity typically uses satellite which can be expensive. Bandwidth is a scarce commodity for cruise lines at sea and Acceleration Systems is happy to become a strategic partner to help manage it without the high costs commonly associated with bandwidth optimization. Our technology has been proven to be stable over satellite connections and can save cruise ship operators up to 40% or more in bandwidth savings.

Signal Strength

We know that satellite performance is occasionally less than desirable due to the fact that the signal is shared amongst several other vessels at sea, invariably causing it to slow down. Weak signals can cause slow browsing speeds causing unreliable service for most devices, applications, video-streaming, and video calling applications. Even on existing weak satellite signals, Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization services can improve the speed and efficiency of the Internet. We optimize all of the connection available – critically important when bandwidth is limited by weather.

Crew Morale

Part of protecting your guests’ satisfaction is by keeping your crew happy. Providing quality connection services enables personnel to remain in touch with friends and family even while at sea. Enhancements such as this helps to retain qualified and seasoned crew and recruit qualified personnel.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.