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Hotels and Resorts

Transforming hotels and resorts

Transforming the hotel experience into a competitive advantage


Shortage of bandwidth is one the largest challenges the hotel and resort industry faces today. Guests using multiple devices per room demand bandwidth capabilities that exceed the hotel’s bandwidth capacity resulting in choking and slowing down the network. The demand for more bandwidth will continue to rise as guests travel with more devices accessing data over the network.

According to JD Power and Associates 2010, Wi-Fi availability is the number one or number two factor noticed by hotel guests across every hotel industry category. However, in a 2011 White Paper published by the Hospitality and Transportation Practice of Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions Group, it is noted that the national per-room average connection speed is approximately 22kbps. This disconnect between customer needs and the industry’s ability to deliver and meet guest expectations can be resolved with Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization solutions.


Providing your employees with better access to data over the network will not only increase productivity, but also the guest experience. Employees will be able to engage with customers maximizing revenue driving and improving customer service when using Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization technology.

Hospitality Technology

Offering upgraded lobbies and services that include high-tech kiosks that supply guests with important communications related to real time travel data including up to the minute flight statuses, local weather, and online airline check-in accessibilities. While staying at the hotel, the guests can check out such kiosks for activity suggestions, dining options, and local area maps with directions.

Technology also can improve the guests’ stay within their own room when streaming videos about area attractions, interactions with the hotel through social media, and even apps for ordering room service, groceries, or other needs for longer stays. Hotels making these conscious efforts to provide better experiences for the tech-savvy guest must also have the capabilities to offer such amenities. Choosing to optimize bandwidth will not only keep services and applications running smoothly, but will also keep web traffic flowing during high-volume time periods eliminating guest downtime and negative customer experiences.

Convention Services

Don’t let aging infrastructure and inadequate bandwidth inconvenience slow down meeting planners, trade show professionals, attendees, and exhibitors with unreliable Internet service. Meetings and conferences tend to have video and audio streaming and Voice over-IP all competing within the same connection placing a large strain on the network. Attendees and presenters use a large amount of bandwidth during the day and poorly allocated bandwidth can cause an otherwise carefully planned event into a meeting planner’s nightmare. Mediocre connectivity experiences for both meeting planners and attendees can cause groups to avoid venues for future events. Ensure that all involved with in-house events will not only have great experiences while connected, but want to return for future events by using our bandwidth optimization services and products.


Just because the hotel is in a remote or tropical location doesn’t mean guests should have less than desirable Internet connection reliability. Guests expect consistent network performance even in remote locations that don’t always have access to high bandwidth. Our technology works to maximize even the slowest and lowest bandwidth streams to reduce additional costs typically associated with increasing additional bandwidth.

Transforming hotel administrative and operational functions 


Establishing security for network access and delivery of applications is vital. Offering a guarded connection to guests is important, but crucial for the hotel itself to run smoothly and securely. Under the Acceleration Systems model, all encrypted communication transferred through the AS Client can be accelerated.


Protecting a VPN connection from one location to another or the corporate network is crucial for sustaining security over the WAN. Using Acceleration Systems’ technology allows a hotel location to have a clear and separate tunnel for establishing a VPN connection. With an accelerated cloud-based VPN, the connection from the hotel to headquarters is an established and encrypted VPN connection providing security and privacy for all information being shared.

Administration & Operations

Access to information is a cornerstone in accelerating business. Ensure that all your employees can readily access corporate intranet for real time information. Providing all employees with optimized bandwidth will allow them to work efficiently and effectively accessing all necessary information within the hotel, other hotel locations, from the corporate headquarters, vendors, and guests in a timely manner.

Compatible with all technologies

Our bandwidth optimization solution is compatible with all technologies.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.