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Passenger Rail

Improving Passenger Experiences

Increased Passenger Satisfaction

Rail passengers are just as eager to stay connected as passengers using other methods of transportation such as planes and cruise ships. Enabling passengers to connect and work while traveling by train is helping to bring rail transportation into the 21st century. Some business travelers feel that the ability to work while traveling by train is a key benefit of this mode of transportation. Allowing passengers to take advantage of time spent on the train to work by accessing the Internet will boost satisfaction and possibly present the opportunity to increase passenger fares. Access to Wi-Fi is one of the key reasons consumers choose to travel by train over flying or driving.

Increase Existing Speeds And Connection

Connection speeds fluctuate based on several factors including the number of users, geographical location, and the proximity to the Wireless Access Points (WAPS). The biggest criticisms for train Wi-Fi services are unreliable service and unsuccessful or slow download experiences. Using our optimization technology helps reduce the negative impacts users experience with network delays or disruptions that typically affect connectivity on board trains.

Improving Operations


Internet access can allow for real-time or near-real-time tracking of arrival and departure events on board the train. Train operators would benefit from being able to not only safely monitor its entire fleet with a reliable secure optimized bandwidth solution, but also improve the cost and operations management side of their business.

Quality Of Connection

Overcoming complicating factors of train connectivity include the loss of signals in a high vibration environment, climate, harsh electrical environments, need for low maintenance equipment, poor coupler contacts on cars, limited visibility to wireless communication due to tunnels, and frequent handoffs within the cellular network resulting in packet loss and reordering. Our technology simply doesn’t have to battle those complications and instead boosts the existing Internet connection, allowing it to operate smoothly even when faced with the disruptions from the train service.

Connection Types

Acceleration Systems will work over the variety of different communication technologies currently employed on trains such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX, radio-over-fiber, and satellite. No matter your current connection type, Acceleration Systems can improve the performance of your network.


Increased broadband Internet reliability on trains can also enhance the safety of the train by allowing an operations center to monitor real-time train-related information.

Cost Savings

Currently rail companies can either add network capacity or more modems to achieve small increases in speed and available bandwidth. Both options are costly, require equipment upgrades or changes to the existing infrastructure. By adding Acceleration Systems’ solutions to existing connections, rail companies will save enormous amounts of money in service, equipment, and deployment.

Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization makes any Internet connection perform better. To learn more about how you can optimize your service or to arrange a free trial, contact an acceleration specialist at 216.468.5200.