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How bandwidth optimization works

The Acceleration Systems implementation relies on three components to optimize bandwidth: The Scalable Proxy Optimization Cloud (SPOC) for bandwidth optimization, the patented Multi-Link Architecture to provide shared access to the acceleration engine, and the Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) to communicate user requests to the Multi-Link Architecture.


How Acceleration Systems' bandwidth optimization worksThe Remote Business Accelerator (RBA) is a full-featured router that resides at the edge of the user’s network.  The RBA processes all outbound Internet requests (e.g. visit web page, download a file, check email, etc.) and re-directs the request to our cloud-based Multi-Link Architecture for fulfillment. This patented architecture coordinates data flow between our SPOC and the RBA, providing both encryption and acceleration between the end user and the Internet. Tens of thousands of RBA installations will share each SPOC. A distributed array of these acceleration engines support millions of users.