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Application acceleration and bandwidth optimization

Application acceleration with Acceleration Systems' bandwidth optimizationWhat users want to know is: “Will it make my applications run faster?”  The short answer is yes.  But there’s more to the story.

Different applications (such as office productivity tools, email clients, VoIP, etc.) use different protocols to communicate over the Internet. In fact, many protocols were developed to handle specific applications.  So, at first blush you would think that if we optimize the underlying protocol, we’re done.  Well, optimizing the communications protocols is an important first step to improving applications performance.  But in many cases significant additional improvements can be realized by developing special modules to proxy common programs.

Proxy modules improve responsiveness by reducing unnecessary roundtrips that application natively generated. Reducing superfluous chatter boosts performance on any link – even connections where TCP has already been optimized.  Otherwise, inefficiencies in the application-level protocols can overwhelm improvements made at the transport layer. In some instances, streamlining application communications can eliminate up to 98% of the network chatter from a specific application.  Thus, application optimization can deliver significant improvement in data throughput and program responsiveness.