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Lotus Notes - Domino

Lotus Notes, Domino, and Bandwidth Optimization

Lotus Notes is an enterprise solution for email, calendaring, and collaborative applications. As such, Notes typically runs across WANs that could connect many locations spanning multiple continents. Issues related to cost, availability, and quality (especially packet loss and latency) of circuits in the WAN impose real world limitations on performance.

Acceleration Systems optimizes the network traffic associated with many common Lotus Notes activities. Our application layer optimizations for Notes improves performance when sending email attachments while replicating data between servers, and when synchronizing client and server data. Applications such as calendaring, messaging, and remote access – all highly interactive activities – benefit from TCP optimization.

Document-based processes including file sharing and email attachments profit from TCP optimization, as well as, data deduplicationin-stream compression, and data caching. By insuring that data patterns only get sent once, these techniques combine to remove massive amounts of data that would otherwise transit the connection. Reducing the volume of data going over the connection means operations complete faster – especially important where connections are suboptimal.