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SAP, ERP, and Bandwidth Optimization

SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software with more than 102,500 customers in over 120 countries. SAP delivers applications and services to more than 25 industries that enable companies of all sizes to manage operations more efficiently.

But limited WAN connection speeds and inefficiencies in standard Internet protocols and data formats – such as HTTP and Extensible Markup Language (XML) – impact end-user productivity and intensify bandwidth utilization for users connecting from beyond the corporate LAN.

Each SAP transaction typically requires multiple operations that, when requested by a remote user connected over the WAN, introduces network delays that slows performance on the end-user device. When network delay is significant due to bandwidth constraints, network latency, or a high number of operations required to complete a transaction, end-user performance and overall productivity suffer.

Bandwidth and application optimization techniques bundled into Acceleration Systems’ cloud optimization service improve remote access to SAP. We combine SAP specific optimization features with our standard WAN performance enhancing services. These include intelligent caching, deduplication, and compression in combination with protocol optimizations such as TCP, HTTP and a long list of others. The combination of these features results in significant reductions in round-trip processing time (latency) and bandwidth requirements. This yields more productive users who require less bandwidth.  At the end of day it means a better bottom line.