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3G - 4G

Maximizing cellular 3G 4G and LTE data access

The terms 3G and 4G refer to cellular data transfer technologies. The “G” stands for generation. There are so many versions of each in the marketplace, that the designations, while not meaningless, have no clear definitions.  In general, but not in all instances, 4G is faster than 3G.  Even LTE, the global standard for 4G technology, has different implementations which affect speed at the tower.  In general, 4G is much faster than older 3G systems.

4G LTE technologies make mobile data access practical for many business application – even data rich uses.  But while the speed of the service may be acceptable, the metered nature of most data plans can make high speed cellular Internet expensive.

Acceleration Systems’ disruptive cloud-based bandwidth optimization service delivers much faster service (800% faster) over 3G and 4G links.  With data offload as high as 95%, our bandwidth optimization technology can lower the cost of service while raising the performance of the link.