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Dial-up is an early Internet access technology that connects over the same copper lines used for voice calls. While limited in speed, dial-up can be delivered anywhere wired telephone services exists. Dial-up’s ubiquitous availability makes it a viable choice in rural areas where other Internet access technologies are not offered. Dial-up is not “always on”.  A connection must be established each time the service is used. Maximum line speed is a humble 56 Kbps.  Some modems use compression to get speeds up to 320 Kbps, but results heavily depend upon the types of data moving over the link.

Acceleration Systems offers a full suite of connection optimization features which are far more effective than the compression built into modems. Our byte level caching ensures data patterns do not get retransmitted. Only short references to long byte strings are sent. This can result in up to a 95% data offload. Since the fastest way to send data is to not send it at all; our intelligent caching – combined with in-stream deduplication and compression – makes any dial-up service run much faster.