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Getting more from DSL

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) also using telephone lines to transmit digital data.  DSL offers several advantages over dial-up.  It is a persistent, always on connection and it can run much faster. DSL comes in different versions (DSL, ADSL, VDSL1, VDSL2).  Speed on DSL circuits falls off with distance from the CO or Central Office (which is not a staffed location, but a switching facility in the service area). DSL performance is affected by distance, the number of switches between CO and user, and the condition of the physical wire. While DSL may run 6 Mbps at the CO, it may only deliver dial-up speed to a site 3 miles away.

In today’s bandwidth hungry environment, DSL at its fastest may not deliver sufficient performance for a busy office.  Acceleration Systems’ full-featured bandwidth optimization service can quickly and economically transform DSL performance from sub-optimal to high performance.  Increases in upload/download performance can be 800% of the base DSL speed.