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Fiber is great if you can get it…

Fiber optics is generally considered the best choice for Internet service, not only for its speed, but because the use of light rather than electrical impulses to transmit information eliminates data errors associated with copper-based alternatives.

Fiber offers multiple advantages.  Fiber provides far greater bandwidth than copper with speeds up to 10 Gbps. Unlike an electrical current moving through a copper wire, fiber doesn’t radiate the signal beyond the boundary of the conductor.  This makes fiber inherently more secure.  Similarly, fiber signals are not affected by activity in other cables, such as nearby telephone wiring or even power cables.  This characteristic minimizes interference and, in turn, improves reliability. Because fiber signals are immune to many environmental factors that affect copper cable, connections can span long distances with only minimal impact on performance.

Everyone agrees fiber is a great Internet medium.  The problem is availability.  The fiber build out in many countries is done.  US telecos, for example, show no interest in expanding their networks beyond the high density areas they currently serve.  Just because corporate headquarters is on fiber, does not mean branch offices or home-based workers are as fortunate.  Acceleration Systems cloud-based bandwidth optimization can extend fiber-like performance to remote offices and workers regardless of the Internet service at remote sites.