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Faster Internet over Wi-Fi

Getting more from an aging technology

Wi-Fi technology provides wireless access to a network. When that network connects to the Internet, any device within range of the wireless network and which is granted access, can connect to the Internet. The ease of use and vast number of devices equipment for Wi-Fi (laptops, tablets, smartphones, surveillance cameras, monitor devices, etc.) make Wi-Fi popular in offices, retail and dining locations (Starbucks or Panera Bread for example), college campuses, industrial sites, and homes.

Wi-Fi connections can be less secure than wired networks because they do not require a physical connection to access the network. Many Wi-Fi networks encrypt the link between devices and base to secure communications to and from the end user device. Security is of particular concern over public Wi-Fi services.

Many Wi-Fi installations are limited by the capacity of the Internet backhaul link. In these situations, Acceleration Systems cloud-based bandwidth optimization relieves congestion by reducing data between the Wi-Fi network and the Internet. Acceleration Systems utilizes a combination of advanced WAN optimization technologies to do this. Our byte level caching recognizes repeated data patterns.  Rather than resend them, short references to long byte strings are sent. Combine Acceleration Systems caching with in-stream deduplication and compression and the result is up to 95% data offload. Reducing data on the link makes the service run faster and users happier.