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Fixed Wireless

Extending Internet to underserved areas

Fixed wireless refers to how a communications link is deployed. As the name implies, fixed wireless networks use stationary devices for the transmission and receipt of data (as distinct from mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones). The most common deployments of fixed wireless bring high speed Internet access to areas that lack cable infrastructure. Fixed wireless systems generally deliver speeds of 1 – 10 Mbps. On sites that have maximized the capacity of the fixed wireless network, Acceleration Systems’ bandwidth optimization can enhance performance as much as 800%.

Fixed wireless networks deploy towers that communicate among themselves and distribute service to end users. Towers are maintained by Internet ISPs much the same as cellular telephone companies support their towers. Subscribers use small transceivers to communicate with the fixed tower equipment.

Key characteristics of fixed wireless services include:

  • Line of sight: Most installations require a clear line of sight between towers and to subscribers. Hills or trees may prevent access to locations.
  • Weather: Rain and fog are known to diminish signal quality and may impact the service.
  • Cost: Bandwidth pricing tends to be higher than other forms of broadband.
  • Mobility: Fixed wireless service connects to one physical access point per subscriber. Unlike mobile Internet services such as cellular or WiMAX, fixed wireless does not support roaming.
  • Latency: Fixed wireless systems do not significantly increase latency. Their round-trip travel times are short enough to support VoIP and online gaming.

Cloud-based bandwidth optimization offers an attractive approach to improving performance of fixed wireless links. The cumulative effect of technologies such as byte level caching, deduplicationcompression, and TCP optimization result in superior performance over any Internet connection – especially limited capacity fixed wireless. Because Acceleration Systems’ SaaS solution eliminates heavy cap-ex expenses and deploys quickly without burdening IT resources, it is the Internet optimization solution of choice for small offices and large corporations alike.