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Making the best of a difficult connection – we feel your pain

The good news about satellite Internet is that it is available anywhere on the surface of the earth. This good news is countered by the facts that satellite is both the most expensive Internet connection and the most challenged. Satellite circuits tend to run slower than terrestrial connections due to cost. And satellite suffers from extreme latency, higher than average error rates, and jitter. Yet in its role as the service of last resort, satellite Internet enjoys global acceptance because it fills gaps left by terrestrial services.

Everyone on satellite wants to squeeze more performance from their Internet service. This is where Acceleration Systems come in.

Acceleration Systems originated in response to the limitation of satellite connectivity.  It is clear that bandwidth optimization could deliver dramatic improvements in service to satellite subscribers. The problem has been cost. Conventional optimization products are too expense for the majority of satellite users. The disruptive AS cloud-based service model breaks the pricing paradigm and delivers much faster service (800% faster). With data offload as high as 95%, our technology increases the capacity of satellite circuits at the same time as we increase both upload and download performance.