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T1 - T3

Saving money on T1 and T3 circuits

Two common types of leased lines are T1s and T3s. Both T1 and T3 circuits are reserved circuits meaning that they operate over dedicated copper or fiber optic cables. T1 runs at 1.544 Mbps. T3s, the equivalent to 28 T1 lines, run at 45 Mbps (44.736 Mbps if you like fractions). T1 and T3 circuits are available to most sites that have copper wire based telephone service. The cost of these circuits is high compared to other Internet service options. Price, therefore, relegates T1 and T3 circuits to options of last resort.

In today’s competitive environment, companies constantly look for savings on telecommunications. Acceleration Systems can boost performance of any link by 800%. With gains in this range, a site many not need multiple T1s. Other sites could potentially replace a T3 with a few bonded T1s. Cloud-based bandwidth optimization from Acceleration Systems opens up options that could exceed the needs of the site at a lower cost to serve.