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WiMAX promises speed improvements – but still requires bandwidth optimization

WiMAX is one of the many promising technologies that will end up in museums. LTE seems to have eclipsed WiMAX much the way VHS overtook Sony’s Betamax video tape technology (yeah, we went with an 80’s reference).

WiMAX is short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. WiMAX can provide at-home or mobile Internet access across whole cities to hundreds of users. It delivers an upper speed of 1 Gbps and range of about 50 miles. As with other wireless technologies, performance drops off with distance.

In 2007 Sprint in association with Clearwire announced the use of WiMAX technology as the bases for Sprint’s 4G service.  The network did not materialize and Sprint partnered with LightSquared in 2012 to roll out LTE.

WiMAX continues to be used throughout the world. When it was announced, 1 Gbps service was very exciting.  But as the demands for speed continue to increase, WiMAX users – especially on large networks – want better performance. With its diminished role in the future, WiMAX operators have little incentive to increase the capacity of their networks. Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization service can dramatically improve the speed of data transfers over WiMAX without modifying the underlying WiMAX infrastructure.