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Bandwidth Optimization for transferring CAD files

CAD, or computer-aided design, is the use of computers to both create and document designs. CAD software replaces manual drafting with automated processes. CAD not only speeds the drafting process, it opens opportunities to explore the interrelationships of details in ways not possible before the advent of computer-based design tools. The advent of 3 dimensional CAD tools allows designers to examine proposed products in great detail and from various perspectives. CAD tools save development time and costs associated with the construction of preliminary models.

In order to store the massive amounts of data required for CAD process, files can get very large. Given that many design projects are done as collaborations with the requirement to share design files between project members who could be in different countries, the file size can impact the process.

Acceleration Systems approach to file transfer optimization offers a practical solution to the challenges associated with sharing large data sets on a regular basis. Because our service “learns” content and only sends small references to what can be very long strings of data, CAD file sharing becomes much more efficient. In fact, in situations where iterations of a design are shared among a group, the amount of data actually transferred can be reduced by as much as 95%. That is translated to reduce bandwidth consumption and faster file sharing.