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MAPI (Messaging API) is a method for applications and email clients to communicate with Microsoft Exchange servers.  MAPI provides IMAP style synchronization of emails, contacts, calendars, and other features between Exchange servers and local email clients or applications. The email syncing feature is branded by Microsoft as Exchange ActiveSync. Depending on the device, phone, or client used, MAPI technology might be referred to as Microsoft Exchange, MAPI, or Exchange ActiveSync.

While Exchange and MAPI are Microsoft products, many clients – including the default Android mail client and iPhone – are Exchange ActiveSync capable and will deliver the same cloud-based email synchronization as IMAP.

Acceleration Systems provides a number of acceleration services to improve the performance of Microsoft Exchange. Consider the case of a user in a remote office downloading an email with a 5 MB attachment from someone in a different location. Let’s assume the AS acceleration engine has never seen this data before.  The engine immediately begins learning the traffic patterns within the email and attachment and storing the traffic segments in the network cache. As the email continues to move through the engine, the data stream is examined for repeated sequences.  If any redundancies are found, they are replaced with a reference for that block of data. In addition to performing pattern matching and eliminating redundancies, the AS acceleration engine compresses the resulting data in flight using LZ compression and optimizes the TCP connection between the client and the server. Note that if the recipient edits the attachment and sends it back to the originator, only the changes to the text (along with references for the remainder of the content) are transmitted.  These procedures combine to reduce the bandwidth needed to deliver the email faster.