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Optimization Techniques

Technology that’s indistinguishable from magic

Getting the most out of bandwidth optimization is all about using the right tool for the right job. And our Remote Business Accelerator is like the Swiss Army knife of the bandwidth optimization world. Dozens of different tools in our kit. Which tool to use is highly dependent on the data being optimized. Some data types respond better to compression. Some prefer in-line deduplication or bit-level caching. So we choose the right tool, automatically, in microseconds, as the data packets move between the RBA and our cloud servers.

But before we begin picking tools, we analyze the traffic. What’s the nature of the traffic? What’s its priority? Should we route this traffic to the head of the line? Are there filter rules to apply? Hundreds of decisions. Then off to the accelerator, where that Swiss Army knife analogy comes in.

Acceleration Systems bandwidth optimization techniques work across all TCP-based applications including Microsoft Office and SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Salesforce, SAP, databases, data backup systems, and more. The optimization suite works on all TCP-based protocols including CIFS, MAPI, NFS, FTP, and HTTP. Block level deduplication and data caching ensure that data is only sent over the WAN once. Deduplication and caching dramatically reduce bandwidth consumption for many applications.

Once accelerated, we’re still not done. We have to manage the inbound and outbound packet queues to prevent a scrum to make sure that your Internet connection is used efficiently at all times, and to clean up bottlenecks that exist in non-optimized networks. And we occasionally pull rabbits out of our hats, too.