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Data Cache

Bi-directional network caching

Acceleration Systems’ cache technology employs bi-directional network caching which enables both our cloud-based acceleration engines and remote devices to identify data patterns as information moves across the link. Once information has traversed the accelerated path, only references to cached blocks are sent for subsequent transmissions regardless of the direction of succeeding transfers of the file. Cached content represented by the references is retrieved prior to delivering the data to the client or server application.

Network Cache

The AS Network Cache is a collection of data blocks rather than specific objects or files. Once a file has been cached, only references to the data blocks are sent across the WAN. If the file is edited, changes to the file are transferred along with references to the unchanged portions of the file. This process greatly reduces the number of bytes transferred when editing large text documents, updating big spreadsheets, or repeatedly filling out forms. Minimizing the data on the link reduces the file transfer time and facilitates the flow of information throughout the organization.


Data blocks in the AS Network Cache are stored independently of the transmission protocol used to deliver them. A user who received a file as an email attachment and then uploaded the same file via HTTP would experience the full benefits of our cache technology on the HTTP transfer.  All the data blocks that make up the file would be delivered directly from cache, rather than transmitted across the link.

Multi-Tiered Cache

Each Acceleration Systems Remote Business Accelerator and cloud server instance has a multi-tiered cache. In-memory cache is limited based on the available system RAM. The second tier is a much larger encrypted disk cache which contains items that have been cycled out of the RAM cache. A Least Recently Used algorithm rotates objects out of both RAM cache and disk cache. Disk cache objects which get requested frequently are promoted back into RAM cache. Objects rotated out of disk cache due to lack of use are relearned the next time they are seen.


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