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In-Stream Compression

Final optimization step

In-stream compression is the final step in Acceleration Systems’ optimization sequence, which compresses any remaining information before sending it over the optimized link between AS servers and remote users.

The first time data traverses the network, the content is compressed using a Lempel-Ziv (LZ) based algorithm. Data segments are stored at both ends of the connection for future reference.  Before passing the data to the client, the traffic is reconstructed using new data and references to existing data.

With modern data types like HTML and XML are text based – and with the frequent transfer of text-based content, compression plays an important part in removing bytes from the network by minimizing the data that needs to be transferred. Compression is also very effective on print traffic. The combination of block-level deduplication and in-stream compression is highly scalable and can yield compression ratios of 100:1 or higher.