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Scalable Proxy Optimization Cloud - AS Hosted

Acceleration Systems Hosted SPOC

An Acceleration Systems (AS) Hosted SPOC is a multi-user cloud server environment that is used to coordinate the data flow between the RBA and the Internet. These SPOCs are hosted and managed by Acceleration Systems.

How does it work?

SPOCs reside in world-class data centers around the world with fully redundant networking and power all the way to the host. SPOCS are connected primarily to Tier 1, backbone Internet providers’ connections that insure quality service. The RBA intercepts and accelerates all the outbound data and requests from a user and redirects the traffic to the SPOC. The RBA connects to an AS Hosted SPOC that is most appropriate for the user’s needs. The AS hosted SPOC decelerates the data before acting as a proxy sending the request out to the final destination. Once the requests return back to the SPOC, the data is accelerated and sent back to the RBA.  The RBA decelerates the data before sending it on to the original source making the requests.

Benefits/Advantages of an AS Hosted SPOC

  • No CapEx – no expensive hardware or installation costs
  • Quick set-up
  • Intended for those not bound by compliance standards
  • Optimization no matter the location
  • Providing opportunities such as remote access to IT infrastructure or project collaboration
  • No management – We handle all the setup and administration
  • No engineering staff required – No expensive training or certification required