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Scalable Proxy Optimization Cloud - Private Hosted

Private Hosted SPOC

A private Scalable Proxy Optimization Cloud (SPOC) is a multi-user cloud server environment that is used to coordinate the data flow between the RBA and the Internet. These SPOCs are hosted and managed by either the client or Acceleration Systems depending on the needs.

Privately hosted SPOCs offer the same power, efficiency, and features of an AS Hosted SPOC, with the added security, control, and performance of a dedicated environment. These SPOCs are cloud servers dedicated to your organization. On a private SPOC, only that organization’s traffic traverses through it, never any public traffic. The private SPOC can either sit on premises within the network boundaries of the organization or it can be located off premises, within a data center of a cloud service provider.

How does it work?

Private SPOCs function similarly to the AS Hosted SPOCs, but private SPOCs can be placed in either an organization’s network or data center or hosted outside of the company’s network. The location of the SPOC depends on the deployment topology and where the challenged link is located. Our pre-sales engineering team will be happy to advise you.

The RBA intercepts and accelerates all the outbound data and requests from a user and redirects the traffic to the private SPOC. The privately hosted SPOC accelerates the data before acting as a proxy sending the request out to the final destination. Once the requests return back to the SPOC, the data is accelerated and sent back to the RBA.  The RBA decelerates the data before sending it on to the original source making the requests.

Benefits/Advantages of Privately Hosted SPOCs

  • More secure – Data tightly secured and controlled on privately hosted SPOC
  • More control – Ability to manage and configure to specific needs in order to achieve custom network solutions
  • Organizations held to higher compliance standards are able to secure resources with access restricted to connection behind their firewall, dedicated leased lines, and/or on-site internal hosting.
  • No management required, we handle all the setup and administration
  • No expensive training, certification, or engineering staff required.
  • Optional: Customer-managed SPOCs are also available if your situation requires.

Two types of private SPOCs

On Premises Private SPOC

  • The organization provides a physical server in their own data center or chooses their own cloud provider.
  • We bring the solution. Acceleration Systems installs, configures the software, and manages the solution on an ongoing basis.

Off Premises Private SPOC

  • Acceleration Systems sets up a dedicated cloud server that is hosted outside of the company’s network by a third party.
  • We bring the solution. Acceleration Systems installs, configures the software, and manages the solution on an ongoing basis.

Private SPOC Server Specifications